[Cin] Bug Tracking, again

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 09:43:18 CET 2018

Sorry, I still have a couple of questions about how to handle bug tracking.
I wanted to ask for the following changes:
a) Forum: you can change the title to insert, for example; [Solved].
Another requirement is to insert a Logout button.
b) Bug Tracker: As mentioned by Pierre, make sure that every bug you
enter automatically results in a notification in the mailing-list. Put
a Legend for visual symbols used to describe bugs (orange dash; red
arrow, etc.).
c) Documentation: Also include a link to the manual-CV for basic operation.

1) Are they requested by Bug Tracker --> new features, or is the
mailing list always better and, after any discussion, create the
request in Bug Tracker? I don't want to clog the page with useless or
even wrong requests (for my ignorance).
2) Is it better to make 3 separate requests for a), b) and c)? Or is
it better to split even more, for example in the case of the forum
(a), make two separate requests for [Solved] and for Logout?

I apologise again for the insistence, but I think that once these
doubts have been resolved I should understand the best procedure to

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