[Cin] First message to the new mailing list (and can RSS feeds be added to the website news?)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Dec 6 23:22:11 CET 2018

Am 06.12.18 um 22:44 schrieb W P:
> Hi all, I haven't been very active suggesting features/bugs as I am 
> quite busy but I always read the mailinglist and install the monthly 
> builds. This is my first message here, and will be sure to register to 
> the forum and to the bug tracker too. I personally liked the website 
> so thanks to everyone who made it! I saw there are also monthly news 
> from Phil and about this I would like to request adding RSS feeds to 
> them, so that every month you don't forget to check. Several projects 
> (blender,gimp,synfig) use them and i think they can very hand.

Hi W P,

Thank you very much for your message. We are happy that you like our 

I have activated the RSS feature, you can find the news section at the 
following page.


You will find the RSS feed icon at the bottom of the footer, just click 
on it and you will always get a message when there is something new.


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