[Cin] Today's GIT repository checkins + Ubuntu16 and Mint 18 test builds

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 01:07:49 CET 2018

Because this covers a couple of BugTracker issues, I thought it best to
email a summary.

1) Adjustable size for thumbnails in Resources window for Media, Proxy, and
Clips via Settings->Preferences, Appearance tab, Layout section right hand
side.  Defaults are as what has been in effect.  View thumbnail, bigger
number = bigger thumbnail.  Vicon memory size = how much memory to use for
each vicon -- this helps solve the pixelization when making the thumbnails
bigger but takes more memory. Vicon color mode = low, medium, or high -
also takes more memory.

2) Wheel mode to temporarily make preview thumbnail bigger.  This is nice
and we did not even know you could do this in the browser.  You only use
this in preview mode - wheel the middle mouse button up or down after you
click on the thumbnail and get into preview mode.  Once in that mode, you
can either wheel on the thumbnail itself or the preview.

3) Clips now also have a preview mode, but only a still image instead of
the 5 second play.

4) 2 bugs in Proxy Resources window display were fixed where the thumbnails
were just plain crazy.  Part of the craziness occurred when the media had
more than 1 proxy type - that is a proxied mp4 and a proxied webm, for

5) The drag select white bar highlight was not always correctly
highlighting.  This was a bug we discovered while looking into a solution
for issue #7 (which is scheduled to have work start on some of it tomorrow).

6) Inter-View mode - This is the EXCITING NEW FEATURE prompted by Pierre's
request.  We were dubious at first, but now think it is a very useful
function for more than 1 reason.  A short how to is next.

- do your editing as usual
- make sure you are in Preview mode in the Resources window; that is the
right facing green colored arrow to the left of the word Search which is
surrounded by a gold color when enabled.
- middle mouse click on a thumbnail in the Resources window and a popup
occurs of that media with a white colored bar at the top and a red colored
bar at the bottom

The bars represent the presence or absence (the black sections) of where
that media is used on the timeline.  Here are the buttons:
- click on the top white or black spaces in the top bar, and in the Viewer,
the In/Out [/] pointers will show location of that edit
- click on the bottom red or black space in the bottom bar, and in the
timeline and composer the position will change AND you can even drag on
this line and it will correspondingly update the position in the timeline
- Ctrl-click on the bottom bar and the timeline and composer are
re-positioned to the beginning of that section

NOTE to Pierre, point #2 in your latest Issue #5 is not feasible because
the timeline and the composer should be at the same place to ensure that an
insert or delete occur in the right place.

-Shift-click on the bottom bar and a "selection" is made of that section
and the composer is updated with that start position

NOTE to Pierre, switching #1 and #3 as in issue #5 note would make this
inconsistent with "shift-click" as already designated in the timeline as
selecting/highlighting a section.  I hope this makes sense to you.

NOTE to IgorBeg, I hope you come up with a demonstration of this to put on
datafilehost so other users can see it.  See:


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