[Cin] Preview Vicon and red bar highlight

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Dec 8 14:58:20 CET 2018

I would like you to focus on the powerful Preview Vicon that I called 
friendly "Spyder mode" for convenience. It works very good with one 
video track in timeline. However, in any cases you may have a few parts 
of a video on more video tracks and there, the  "Spyder mode" is 
Moreover if you have many tracks on timeline (let say more than five?) 
with the "Spyder mode" you find the "x" coordinate on timeline but not 
the "y" (which track?).

This discussion is just to focus on a possible problem/solution.

I didn't find a name in the messages for that feature; sorry if I didn't 
see it. If any, can you (Developers) give a special name to this 
feature, please? Will be fine, I think.

I added screencast about it:

What do you think about, please?


Too many place where to write. (Maybe I am on the wrong place)
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