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Terje J Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Thu Dec 13 00:34:32 CET 2018

List members,

gg/Phyllis wrote:

> Andrea,
> > The Forum does not seem to be a success among old users.
> I was hoping it would replace the Mailing List because I have had comments
> from people who hate the Mailing List and probably they just want to read
> the Forum and not be bothered with more mail to go through.
> But the forum also has another function; it can happen to
> > us a curious visitor or even just random. My request is then to put
> > many video tutorials, How TO and Demo captivating that manage to
> > attract the interest of an occasional visitor.
> >
> > I agree that random visitation is important too since we are trying 
> to get
> the word out.  I am supposed to be working on a beginner's tutorial 
> just to
> catch some of the random users and to get the basics down, but keep
> dragging my feet.  I do have a pretty good start but too many
> interruptions.   We should try to at least add 1 demo a week so that the
> forum keeps active.  gg/Phyllis

First I will congratulate all with the "new, fresh and clean home" for 
cinelerra-gg thanks to the good work done by Sam. And thanks to the 
links added by Danny on the previous CV site that guided me to find this.

Simply by changing the old repo urls and 'zypper up', the latest 'cin' 
and 'cinx' upgraded as simple as before on my Leap 42.3 and Leap 15 
machines :).

My plan is to participate stronger in the year that follows, when I will 
get more time to apply Cinelerra on video editing.
In the mean time I'm happy to notice the grow of Cin video tuturials 
here - and look forward to the first English editions ;)

Terje J. H

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