[Cin] Summary Report for week Dec. 15 through Dec. 21 on Cinelerra-GG

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 00:00:41 CET 2018

*Summary Report for week Dec. 15 through Dec. 21 on Cinelerra-GG*

- Behind the scenes website maintenance by Sam is ongoing but is not too
- A link to  https://cinelerra-gg.org  and the recommendation to move here
has been added by
  “someone” to the previous ppa launchpad which used to have builds for the
ubuntu cv version.

- How To article by Andrea on “Correspondence between Waveforms and
Curves/Histogram” added.
- Q&A has 2 pointers to articles on sustainability of open projects and in
particular Natron.
- Community Help had a question about download but apparently the website
is easy enough to
  traverse that download was located without help!

*BugTracker:* (items and categorizing is not all accurate)
*The race is on between issue #7 and #58 to see which one ends up with the
most notes – were tied at 44!*

*10 issues have been resolved, almost resolved or closed:*7  real drag and
drop without having to lock tracks (not all aspects have been completed but
very close)
48 proxy creation fails (resolved with a fix and minor documentation)
52 a better “search” feature for MantisBT (Sam provided information on how
to do this)
56 make Cinelerra Download manual available in download page (Phyllis fixed
58 changeable colors for the titles and background (looks complete, will
mark as resolve shortly)
59 packaging issues identified in source tree (this is resolved and will
close soon)
60 cinelerra-gg sets unnecessary executable bits (this is resolved)
65 bug show assets and show titles (closed, working as expected)
68 title bar is too small on a 4K monitor (closed, easy workaround being
used instead)
69 start the record window in non-english mode (resolved with a fix to
sound devices comparison)

*6 new bugs/feature requests have been added and not resolved or closed:*
63 add BRAW to News and "Motion Graphics" to Features
64 Global Color Management in CinGG
66 remove "w" shortcut from all windows which closes the window
67 the boxes encroach on French translations in Preferences (soon to be
70 resource window: thumbnail preview
71 improve Videoscope plugin

*16 are still open as previously noted:*
2 masking enhancements and improvements
6  add a reset button to the video/audio plugins
25 Gui HiDPI future support
28 Add titler own background paper
31 the new function of identifying “source” targets still causes crashes
(no new crashes yet)
34 label mouse over feature
35 translate the web site in different languages
37 select feature on media resources works bad if proxy enabled (still
38 no red/white bar on preview vicon if proxy enabled (still contemplating)
42 live preview feature
44 phantom keyframes boxes (have not been able to reproduce yet; recognize
is probably a bug)
45 load window apply minor bug (probably fix coming soon)
55 add filmmaking/editing section in forum (suggestions provided and may
need more)
57 mark the thumbnail when the clip is used
61 fedora installation instructions on website do not copy/paste correctly
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