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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
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> I installed cinelerra GG today in OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 and imported an old
> project. I was surprised that it chewed up nearly all of the 12Gb of
> memory. Cinelerra also reported (in red) that it had failed to load the
> project. Now I did not check if it could be played from the beginning until
> the end, yet I could play it for some time. Looks as if it did import the
> project.
> Now I have installed OpenSuSE yesterday anew, but cannot remember I did
> anything special.
> It is not the first time that Cinelerra uses a big amount of memory.
> What could be the reason?
Check to see what you have Cache set to and check memory usage as described
below.  It does not make sense that cin is using that much memory.
"Cache" in Settings->Preferences, Performance tab is used to store images
on the timeline. One 1080 frame uses about 10 MB. The default setting is
256 and this is enough for testing and running. However, why not use more
memory if it is available. To experiment for testing a good number tuned to
the way you use your computer, set the cache to 0, bring up cin5, load a
typical media file, play it and run "top" on another terminal window to see
how much memory is being used. In the "top" display, look at "free" memory.
Whatever your computer is not using, is a good number to use for cache. If
you start other programs, or change the design of the session so that it
uses a lot of frame storage, you may need to re-experiment over time. "

Cinelerra-gg is not using the cinelerra-cv mailing list but has its own you
can get to at cinelerra-gg.org.  If the above does not help, please reply
to here instead.  (P.S.  I made a HUGE mistake by sending out email there
that I meant to only send to WP.)   Thanks, gg/Phyllis
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