[Cin] My messages in the forum are "awaiting moderation" any reason behind that?

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Dec 28 16:46:17 CET 2018

Am 28.12.18 um 16:32 schrieb W P:
> Hi all,
> out of 5 messages sent 2 ended up being in "awaiting moderation", is it because of the content or??IP?
> I would imagine if the forum gets more users it will be a pain to review "suspicious" (mine weren't!) messages manually. Maybe an anti-bot/spam solution would be better?
> Also just in case someone was wondering, WPfilmmaker2 is me, apparently I had already registered in the forum (I don't remember at all! I always had issues signing-up) so I just made another account, so it is not someone tryng to impersonate me^^

Sorry, that was the spam filter. As soon as you send multiple messages 
in a short time as a new user, these messages will be declared as 
possible spam. This has nothing to do with your IP address.  It's just a 
precaution to keep spammers from spreading spam.

But if you have posted to the forum several times and count as an active 
user, then you can actually post as often as you want.


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