[Cin] New monthly builds ready + a complete preliminary manual !

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 01:08:26 CEST 2019

The new monthly tars and pkgs are now available in the usual place at:
cinelerra-gg.org .
Plus there is now a complete manual that is a meld of the original manual +
cv manual + Features5 at:
This is a reference manual -- you do not read this like a book -- it is
meant to be used to look up how to do something.
If you find errors, and you surely will!, please let me know so I can fix
them.  The Masking section could use much help.
Features5.pdf is the final version and will no longer be updated or
included in the release and from now on all new features and changes will
go directly into the manual instead.

Below is a text copy of this month's release notes.  The Audio Alignment
needs more testing and more detailed information on usage -- so if you use
this, be sure to save often until more testing is complete.  I will get the
documentation updated soon.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 03/01/2019-03/31/2019
for builds

1. Improved *optimization to compile faster*.  Although this is not a
direct benefit to the majority of
    users, the benefit comes from developers being able to more quickly
implement new features since
    there is a lot of debugging and changes that require constantly having
to recompile.
2. *Audio Alignment* is now available when using multiple cameras through a
dialog box.  The audio
    waveform is used with the 2 match methods of Match and Match All, and 2
apply methods of Apply
    and Move.
3. Usability Improvements
    *Preview mode* in the Resources window now has 2 more options of “mouse
over” and “src target”.
    Dvd/Bd create upgrades, rework, cleanup, and minor fixes.  There were
also Dvd/Bd render farm
       tweaks to use new raw video option file for ffmpeg.
   * Layouts for screen positions* now allow for descriptive names for
easier identification.
    *Modified Shuttle *to allow for usage in multiple instances (only works
in non-USB direct mode).
    *Insert Mixers* has been added which works like Open Mixers, except the
mixers are added on new
       tracks at the insertion point instead of at the start of each track.
4. *Bugs/Issues Fixed*
    A booby trap lock problem was fixed in the Remote Control program.
    Batch render cleanup.
    Fixed segv that occurred when using multiple full screen viewers or
    Pan widgets upgrade modifications.
    Erroneous “render farm” usage printing out after batch rendering has
been corrected.
    Patch provided by Daniel to handle sig’s for PowerPc building has been
    Default window positions modified to accommodate 3 monitor setups
without looking weird.
    Preset edit for plugins had title names incorrectly moving in the
    Removed warning message that was not informative - mov_sphere=0
    Labels were not being correctly retained when “edit labels” was
unchecked when saved.
    Fixes for DVB usage to android remote control and Xinerama full screen.
    Resize “preset edit” window fixed to correctly retain the Y coordinate.
    Fixed av format via ffmpeg leaks and conditional jump problems as found
by Valgrind (Andrea).
    Track dump tweak; Sketcher plugin tweak; zwindow refresh EDL fix.
    Histogram bugs (2) were fixed – bad vertical line and noise in image +
allow for tumbler up to 100.
    Do not create thumbnails in Resources window flag was inadvertently not
working.  Now fixed.
    Caught another booby in the bird trap (Andrea catches them a lot!) on
save/quitting.  Fixed.
    Fixed problem where labels were not always retaining multiple line
    Corrected initialization for Preset in Settings→Format for 6 channel
location for 1080p/24.
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