[Cin] New native Tracer plugin checked into GIT

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 04:57:54 CEST 2019

@Andrea: sorry for the late response; too much going on some days.

I have to request some additions (if feasible, of course):
> - The first time you click on RMB, could you replace the default point
> already present? This way, I should not delete it manually each time
> or move it with LMB to the desired position. Obviously it should only
> work for the first click, so I don't know if it's possible to do it.
That would be very difficult to do so instead GG has made a mod here
locally to just not have the point at all to avoid confusion.  That will
probably be checked into GIT tomorrow.

> - Could more outlines be added? Like the sketcher plugin that has an
> upper section where to create new curves (outline[?]) and a lower
> section where to create the points of these curves (ie the section
> already present in Tracer).
He has not looked at this yet.

> - Could you move the entire mask with ALT + DRAG or something like that?
That can probably be added fairly easily.

- Working on this plugin was an opportunity for GG to get in the mindset of
making improvements to masks.  Rotate is probably one of the first things
he should add.
- The SEGV that Ugin found has been located and a fix will go in soon for
- He has added an Invert button so that you can outline something and have
everything outside of that be blacked out instead.  Remember to turn off
Alpha (use color model RGB, not RGB-A) for that and as always you can use
Gradient on another track.  This Invert is a nice feature addition for me
- When GG starts working with Masks he has to be very careful to "not
break" any existing projects/xml's and still be able to add new features.
I am hoping he can start on this work in early May.

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