[Cin] some problems - batch rendering warnings and opening project error, steps to have cinelerraGG officially in Gentoo

deim31 deim31 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 21:04:37 CEST 2019

Dne 09. 08. 19 v 17:04 Shawn Michaels napsal(a):
>     Then I loaded all saved parts to project as resources - it loaded saved
>     parts as clips and all assets to resources. Then I pasted clips on
>     timeline of final video and made final cut. Then I saved final project.
>     Closed Cinelerra then I was unable to reopen saved project - it only
>     showed one of clips on timeline :-(
> This is of major concern, although there have been no similar reports of 
> "unable to reopen saved project", as you never want to lose work.  If 
> you still have the errant project file, GoodGuy would really like to see 
> it to maybe determine a problem (you can send it to me at 
> phylsmith2017 at gmail.com <mailto:phylsmith2017 at gmail.com> to keep it 
> private or which ever way works for you).

I have more info about this. When I load sub projects as resources, it 
creates Clips where they have title with path to them. When I save 
project and load it again I see in Clips folder all the same except one, 
which has title of source video and if I click info it has Comments: 
"Hello world".

The format of media is .mxf (dnxhd VC-3)

but I have another .mxf file in project without this error. I don't 
understand what happens.

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