[Cin] To be able to register to forum, cookie domains to allow?

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed Aug 28 16:51:44 CEST 2019

*Opps, that was a copy paste error. Here is the correct answer from me:*

Maybe that works with Github, but we are not Github and only a small 
team, which didn't consider all eventualities with the domains in the 
Apache server. I guess the problem is here. But the domain is definitely 
not right. Why not try https and www? I can only recommend you to try 
this variant, if it doesn't work, we have to look for other sources of 

I'm not a friend of Google's data collection urge either. Unfortunately, 
as a relatively small team we are dependent on some services, because 
they are free of charge and to use other paid services is currently out 
of the question for us, because we do everything on a voluntary basis 
and do not charge any money for it. We only use Google's Analytics to 
improve website performance and CleanTalk for spam protection. We do not 
use the data for commercial purposes, but only to detect and correct 
errors on the website.  In the medium term, however, we aim to get away 
from such services if we have more volunteers and resources, and 
gradually replace them with OpenSources alternatives and also provide 
more anonymity and data security for the users.

But you are welcome to block Google Analytics.  This should not affect 
your login to the forum. We also don't mind if you use disposable email 
addresses for registration.  Then you have even more data security if 
you wish. We are also working to ensure that our website is also 
accessible via the Tor network, so that users who want anonymity on the 
net can also get access to the website. However, the changes are still 


> On 28.08.19 16:08, Miroslav Rovis wrote:
>> On 190828-15:48+0200, Sam wrote:
>>> I have noticed that the domain is not correct. The domain must be as 
>>> follows
>>> for it to work:
>>> https://www.cinerlerra-gg.org
>>> In your screenshot there is no https and no www.
>>> Try this little change, then it probably works.
>> Nooo! I got the same for github, and that works, tried hundred of 
>> times, see attachment:
>> Screen_190828_1344.jpg
>> BTW, I'm expecting visitors, and later might be busy. I.e. if I don't 
>> reply for hours next, that will be the reason.
>>> Sam
>>> On 28.08.19 15:28, Miroslav Rovis wrote:
>>>> I have, as can be seen from attached Screen_190828_1309_gdO_1.jpg
>>>> unchecked "Allow sites to store cookies and data", i.e. not allowed 
>>>> by default.
>>>> And I allow "Exceptions" as can be seen from attached 
>>>> Screen_190828_1309_gdO_2.jpg
>>>> In which same JPEG with exception (i.e. those are allowed), it can 
>>>> be seen that I added:
>>>> cinelerra-gg.org
>>>> It seems not to suffice...
>>>> Which other domains are necessary to allow to be able to register 
>>>> to the forum?
>>>> Namely it wouldn't allow me to reset the password.
>>>> Thanks!
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