[Cin] August new builds are available

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 23:50:17 CEST 2019

Pkgs and tars for the end of the month build are ready for use.  We tested
both the static tar and the system package on Mint 19 this time.  You can
download them at:
In addition the complete releasenotes.pdf are in that directory.
And now, presenting the Work-In-Progress (WIP) LaTex manual, which is
incomplete but which includes the new Masking operations and all of the
formatting enhancements that Andrea/Andrey have provided.


It is literally a work of art that they have created with all of the
editing and formatting and being done in LaTex will make it much easier to
keep it up to date.

This month's release notes are included below but here is some personal
- I ran a test on rendering/encoding to VP8 and VP9 on a small file and did
not see any speed improvement with libvpx, but really it was a very small
- FFmpeg upgrade to 4.2 has a couple of new filters and I do not understand
a report of yuv420p10 issue.
- Dav1d inclusion was a big problem for the older system builds.  First,
meson had to be at or above version 47 and only 5 out of 18 build systems
were.  Consequently, GG ended up eliminating the "meson" requirement and
substituting the standard "make" instead.  Then the "nasm" assembler on
some of the older systems was not able to compile Dav1d so they had to be
switched out for a working version.  More information on this later.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  *Release Notes for 08/01/2019-08/31/2019*
for builds

1. *Upgraded ffmpeg* from 4.1.4 to 4.2 (*Andrew notification* of official
2. O/S distros on developer’s build systems have had upgrades applied.
3. *Libvpx has been upgraded* from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1.  Per their release notes
“various changes to improve
    encoder rate control, quality and speed for practically every use case”
(*Deim notification* of release
*).4. **Dav1d *is being used in place of libAOM for decode only in ffmpeg,
providing purported *s*ignificant
    speedups of 2-5 times for AV1 media.  Encode is only available using
libAOM so will still be slow
    (Mantis BugTracker #*BT 214*).
5. *Usability Improvements:*
  Mask feathering algorithm has been improved by using an algorithm more
close to the original based
     on a user request (*User direct reques*t).
   And Feathering which was limited to 100 pixels now allows for a much
larger range by clicking on
     the button on either end and sliding at least 12 pixels past that
point which increases it by a small
     percentage each time allowing you to move the slider past 100 (*User
direct request*).
   Significant work was done on Feathering by the developer to improve
performance and to ensure that
     using OpenGL as well as the X11 driver, produced the same (or almost
the same results).
   A Batch Render warning is now shown to the user when the position is at
the end of the media (
*Deim     suggestion*).
   The release in GIT will have a “git tag” added for the “version update”
(Mantis BugTracker #288).
6. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    The Compositor “Click2Play” button is now easily accessible again
(Mantis BugTracker #*BT 237*).
    Fixed Render Progress booby (Andrew reported this bug).
    Configure.ac Warn and Guicast Gettid patches (from ferdnyc) were
applied (#*BT 289 and 290*).
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