[Cin] nv-codec-headers location

Good Guy good1.2guy at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 03:02:23 CET 2019

It looks like the ffmpeg code has a small problem.  The source references
externals declared
in a header that is not normally available.  The previous git versions do
not require this new
interface, and do not exhibit the problem.   I added a patch that removes
the feature that is added
that causes the problem.  It is not necessary and will use the fallback
resources (just as it was
before the new code changes) and should work well.

Additionally, I updated the ffmpeg.git.patch* set to the current ffmpeg get
commit 12bbfc4ccaa150e06895691049fa2ea33385d210

This ports patches we currently use, and adds a few new/fixed patches for
and features we use in cin5.  It is not well tested, but seemed to work for
the problems
I tried.  Most of them are pretty safe.  The mpegtsenc.c patch was a major
rework, and
represents the highest risk.  We were able to create blurays and test on
players, as
well as ffplay and cin5 playback.  Let me know if you have any problems.
This has only
a few hours of testing.

BTW.  I did try the ffmpeg vanilla mpegtsenc (current version) and it does
not work
with the samsung and LG bluray players.  There are needed changes in the
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