[Cin] Help with performance problems

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 06:02:40 CET 2019

As you can see from the responses already, there are a lot of factors that
can affect render times! But I do not see this in a 720x576 video that I
rendered with file format ffmpeg/mp4.  It was a 4 minute video and took
only 32 seconds to render.  You can see in the attached file with another
window running "top" that shows %CPU = 1149 (so while rendering it is using
11 1/2 cpus out of 16).  You can see on the timeline that the video is
about 4 minutes long and you can see in the lower left hand bottom corner,
that Rendering took...0.32 seconds.

In Settings->Preferences, Performance tab I have Cache set to 4096 and SMP
cpu count set to 16.  I have not looked at your screenshot in detail yet,
but will try to do so tomorrow.  In the Render menu, using the Video
wrench, I chose h264.mp4.  I will also try on a 1080p video.

> I am getting what I consider to be very slow render times and wanted to
> know if something is set up wrong.
> As a test, I imported a 1080p video from my camera, looped it several
> times and rendered it with no effects or compositing.  For a 4 minute video
> it took about 12 minutes to render as an .mp4.
> CPU usage never went above 23% and memory usage never went above 19%.
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