[Cin] Clips/Nested clips/Xml - new feature - best thing since sliced bread!

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 06:38:25 CET 2019

В сообщении от Wednesday 25 December 2019 07:59:05 Phyllis Smith написал(а):

Wow, this is interesting feature, will try to play with it later

Thanks, Phyllis, for your tireless work on documenting/testing all those features, and GG for implementing them!

> With the latest checkin, you can now edit EDL that is included with your
> project as Clips, Nested Clips, or Xml.  For example, if you have a nested
> clip that originally had several plugins added to it before it was nested,
> you can edit those plugin parameter values.  Previously to make any changes
> to these EDL clips/nested clips, you had to remake the whole clip from
> scratch.  This is done via "Open EDL" and button click as described below
> by the ****.
> In addition a couple of modifications related to this are noticeable to
> include the following:
>   - in the Clip folder, when you Nest a clip, the wording which was "Nest"
> is now "Nest to Media"
>   - in the Clip folder, when you actually perform "Nest to Media", the
> nested clip is only displayed in the Media folder
> for example:
> 1) load some test media, mode replace project
> 2) highlight a selection and press create clip.  add notes and press ok.
> clip is created
> 3) in resources window, open the clip folder.  clip1 is present
> 4) select clip1 and right mouse the item.  select menu item Open EDL
> 5) timeline changes to just the clip content.
> 6) add a visible effect, like burning tv and press the [1] in the main menu
> bar.
> 7) timeline is restored to original media.
> 8) drag the clip from the resources folder to the timeline.  The effect is
> visible.
> **** - in the Clip folder, there is a new option to "Open EDL" for the
> highlighted clip.  When you choose this option, the clip will be brought up
> on the timeline.  *VERY IMPORTANT to note*, the previous timeline EDL is
> "pushed onto a stack" (this is programmer talk) so it is remembered and to
> get back to that you have to "pop the stack" (more programmer talk) by
> clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner of the timeline above
> where the Proxy switch button would be.  Usually this button will read 1 if
> you choose "Open EDL" and then 0 when back to your original timeline.  You
> can go several levels deep so instead of 1, it could be 2, 3, ... but I got
> to tell you that you can get lost if you overdo it.  Once the clip is open
> on the timeline, you can edit it however you want.
>   - in the Media folder, once you have nested a clip, the Nested clip will
> be located here
>   - in the Media folder, the option to unnest the clip is now called "EDL
> to clip" which results in the nested clip being reverted to a clip and back
> into the clip folder with only a name of "Clip #".  The nested clip is also
> still in the Media folder.
>   - in the Media folder, you now have the new option to "Open EDL" as
> described for clips above.  But in this case when you Open EDL and edit the
> changes, those changes will take affect on any and all occurrences of that
> nested clip on the timeline.
> I will make a demo later.  There are Debian 9/10 static tars that contain
> this and other mods in the Download / Documentation / File Storage at
> cinelerra-gg.org.  Would be happy to make static tars for any other usual
> distro/version if you would like to test early.

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