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Head for the cinelerra-gg.org website and click on Download to get to the
latest builds. Thanks to everyone for input, requests, bug reports, and
especially testing to ensure Cinelerra stays relevant.  The "Open EDL"
feature already came in handy - usage pdf file at:
and the addition of anti-aliasing/rotation/scaling to the Sketcher plugin
is very nice.
See the releasenotes.pdf or text list of changes with lots of bug fixes is
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 12/01/2019-12/31/2019
for builds

1.  *Init Glyphs* finally fixed – at least 99%.  This affects large
computers when in highly threaded
     mode and many,  many cpus.  For example, a computer with 2 Epyc chips
running Cinelerra-GG.
     You would see a specific character like the ascii character “b”
displayed, usually as “||” instead,
     when running for every occurrence of the letter “b” until Cinelerra
restarted.  And on the restart
     possibly a different character would be incorrectly displayed.
Problem originates outside of
     Cinelerra but a “fix” is now included here and will become more
important in the future as users
     upgrade to more cpu-s.  LOCALE changes for other languages will be
necessary to include
     characters not in english.
2.  The rest of the *HV 7.2* modifications (that fit in and are usable)
have been incorporated to include:
     - *Compressor Multi* for multibands plugin has been added.  The Smooth
Only option was
       debugged so that it produced sound and a decision was made to add a
Gain and Reset button
       feature at the same time since it was being worked anyway.
    - Compressor plugin had major modifications along with more pot dial
options, VU meters, and
       a graphic display.  Cinelerra_factory changes applied also for some
automatic presets for plugin.
       This too has had the Smooth Only option fixed and buttons for Gain
and Reset added.
    - Reverb plugin ported containing a large amount of changes to include
addition of levels, a graphic,
      pots and a full band pass filter.
    (The previous 3 plugins  were modified to allow for theme related
     - Spectogram /Synthesizer plugins were ported as they had a couple of
more items/improvements.
     - A *dashed center line* is now displayed on the Audio timeline when
in non-rectify mode.
     - Plugin synchronization fixes were merged in.
     - Changed methodology of truncated text ellipses and modified “align
edits” methodology.
     - Refresh frame tweak included.
     - Converted the 7.2 Background plugin to a *new Foreground plugin *for
simple usage of a color.
     - Sound Level plugin reworked to handle fragments.
     - Added Depth variable to plugin.C program.
3. *Hardware accelerators improvement* is now fixed (found problem as
Pierre reported in BT #346).
    This affects Preferences hardware settings of vdpau, vaapi, and cuda.
There may be slight gains in
    decoding speed as a result.
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    In the Render menu, the filename will automatically have the “.mov”
extension added instead of
      “.pro” when pro is chosen for the ffmpeg format for Quicktime tyype
files (Olaf reported).
    Added 13 new audio and 2 new video ffmpeg formats as supplied by Olaf
(see Mantis BT # 351).
    *New Alpha plugin* for the simple case of changing the video alpha
value from 0 which is completely
       transparent to 1 with no transparency at all.
   * In Mixers*, minor changes (issues reported by dankinselman):
       - If in Settings->Edit effects, is enabled, the plugins will be
copied/pasted to the master
       track.  Also, labels and keyframes will follow if enabled.  This
behavior is different than in the past
       where they were not.  This change also affects when you create a
clip – the plugins, labels,
       keyframes will now be included.  This seems to be more correct and
you can always turn off Edit
       effects/labels/keyframes if the behavior is undesirable.
       - If close a Mixer window and delete its associated tracks, they
will now stay deleted.
       - Mixer windows and patchbay labels are correctly renumbered after
deleting mixers.
     The *German translations* have been updated by Olaf.  Check BT #353
for usage hints.
     The *Sketcher plugin* has been improved to allow for 2 additional
anti-aliasing options to make
        curves and lines less staircase-looking.  Options are off, on, and
double (IgorB request).  In
        addition Scaling and Rotation capabilities have been added, layout
changes made, and Help
        moved to a checkbox to hide it when not needed.
     *Edit EDL capability *has been added.  This makes it possible to edit
clips, nested clips, and xml files
       in your current project by stacking and unstacking current EDL
states. This is documented on the
       website under Download, File Storage as *editing_edl.pdf*.
     Track canvas draw for colored titles and background colors is now
*fastpath* so is at least 4x faster.
5. *TV recording *changes for over the air digital television changes:
    - Hauppauge 1657 Dual USB device has been tested to work with minor
program changes.  A
       possible equivalent European over the air TV might be Hauppauge
European Dual Tuner for
       DVB_T/T2/C Digital TV.  But this has not been tested and the channel
configuration may require
       Cinelerra program changes and you may need to install TV firmware
for your Operating System.
     - The Record menu allows for automatically adding deinterlacing choice
of None, Even, or Odd.
6. *Bugs/Issues Fixed:*
    Updated the ffmpeg git version to include patches for bluray creation
(working with Andrew).
    Minor updates to the 3 README.x files in the download area of the
website + updated Arch install
       instructions on the website to correct and clarify (reported by v4t).
    Audioscope plugin rework for cleanup and improvements.
    Ubiquitous cleanup done in several routines.
    Colorpicker which was a widget, is now a gadget.
    Paremetric plugin has improved audio play positioning.
    The Apply button in the Load Menus when a selection is available was
not getting updated.  Fixed.
    In the Fedora O/S, the cinelerra window icons in the window manager
were not always correct but
      this has been mostly addressed now.
    Bug fix for init_colors in bcmodels to clear alpha is now in.
    Transcode fixes applied & more testing led to other possible cases that
needed to be handled BT 350.
    Plugins info and shortcuts.html have small updates added.
    Operating System distro and version number are now included in the dump
    Minor compositor Zoom change in how it operates when not in Auto mode
(BT #344).
    Tracer plugin minor layout changes (reported by Sam in old BT #210).
    Colorpicker gadget/grab fixes and Compositor Eyedropper minor
bugs/tweaks fixes.
    Fixed potential infinite loop due to silence not being played.
    One button type did not allow for name changing but now it is fixed to
do so.
    The Render Effect menu now resizes correctly for the ffmpeg file type
field (Ugin reported).
    Fixed locking labels/plugins/kfs from moving when appending new tracks
load (Lukas BT #354).
    Nesting video where audio was deleted and then played in viewer had a
SEGV is now fixed.
    Under certain conditions, if you use the P proxy shortcut on the
timeline to get back to non-proxy
      mode, it would not do so (but workaround was to use the menu).  This
has been fixed to work
      correctly (discovered by dankinselman).
    A fix for the vicon drawing rare SEGV race conditions is now in.
    The beepers in various spots to indicate a render has finished has been
consolidated in mwindow.
    Minor valgrind cleanup has been done.
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