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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 03:27:35 CET 2019


There is a first slowdown at the first wipe transition, then slowly
> the playback resumes fluidity. At the second transition the insertion
> point slows down a lot, so much so that it seems blocked, while the
> audio continues to flow normally.
> ...
> I don't know when this problem started, but no less than a month. I
> don't even know if it's due to my PC. Surely it had never occurred
> before.

It is not obvious what the problem is.  I watched your video and can see it
slow down, but I can not create the same situation here.  I ran a couple of
tests using yesterday's build versus December 30, 2018 build with 10+
transitions at the edits and do not see any problems.  Attached shows the
tracks with the transitions in it that I played over and over and timed
  time ./cin
Results were as follows:

Build date - *12/30/2018*
   Test 1                       Test 2
Session time: 0:01:54   Session time: 0:01:48
real    1m54.902s       real    1m48.314s
*user    0m59.660s       user    0m59.383s*
sys     0m5.677s        sys     0m5.601s

Build date - *02/04/2019*
   Test 1                       Test 2
Session time: 0:01:52   Session time: 0:01:48
real    1m52.613s       real    1m47.953s
*user    0m59.356s       user    0m59.005s*
sys     0m5.511s        sys     0m5.662s

I am going to try a more complicated test yet and compare.   Phyllis
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