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Wed Feb 6 16:56:48 CET 2019


> problem is so big and obvious that there would have been so many
> reports. So it's obvious that it's a problem with my system alone.

Maybe, but not necessarily!  You built from the GIT repository which has
some BIG changes in that were not in the January 31 build which almost
everyone else is using.  There are 6 library updates AND the deadlock
problem that gg fixed impacted a lot of routines.  So it is not a waste of
time for me to test anyway, because I have to have something more
interesting to aim for and am in the process of trying to get a "single
frame" failure that Pierre incurs too (issue #125).  Also, I will try to
get GG to build a ubuntu16 version later today so IgorB can verify that
this newest version does not slow down - which will help isolate the
problem to just your computer. Unfortunately for IgorB, the drag handles
have not been modified to more closely fit his expectations because GG
thinks that the consistency of how they work and are coded is too important
to change, but I am still working on it/him!

OpenGL is used in playback when it can, but not always.  If a plugin or
transition has code of "handle OpenGL", it usually will use that, but not
all plugins/transitions do, which means it will use software rendering
instead and be slow.

The demo you emailed earlier where the sound continues to play but the
video stops shows the problem that occurs when the program is short of CPU
-- this is where "Play every frame" can be turned off to help.

Also, it does not look like you have "colors" enabled and that is good --
having to draw the colors is time-consuming (but apparently "Charlie" can
handle it).  Background rendering, which I think is misnamed, may be a good
way handle larger media and I am trying to understand it better and will
put a demo out later if I can.  Glen MacArthur uses it a lot on one of his
slower computers.  You have to be sure to set it up in
settings->preferences, Interface tab, and especially create the background
rendering directory because it creates many, many brender files - one for
each frame.

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