[Cin] Turn this mailing list into a searchable archive?

Terje J Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sat Feb 9 21:02:08 CET 2019

Yes, I thought of MantisBT, and now it's posted there. I just thought I would suggest it here on the mailing list first, in case here could be other plans.


Den 09.02.2019 18:47, skrev Phyllis Smith:
Terje, I think this is a good idea, but I know that I will not have time to do it or gg.  One of the selling points of MantisBT was to put in requests for features like this in order to make it easy for programmers or system administrators to see what needs to be done that they can help with.  This is exactly the type of request that someone out in the world would already know how to do and could do fast.

Is it an idea to make the growing cinelerra-gg mailing list into a searchable archive, available also for non-list members ?

For now there is this that anyone can look at, but it is by month so more difficult:

Meldingsteksten vil bli nedlastet etter behov.

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