[Cin] Keyframes Autos and Title plugin

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 18:27:32 CET 2019

> The messages (with booby) are numerous and happen when I
use the color picker of the Sketcher plugin. I also had one freeze and
> one crash. Unfortunately the dump is not from root. I tried again as
> root but, for now I have not had a crash.
> NOTE1: I use a lot of PNG still images, derived from Inkscape's SVG
> and exported as png. It seems to me that Cin mishandles this format
> and accentuates playback problems in a similar way to the MKV
> container.
> NOTE2: How I catch and read a Booby?

Thanks for the dumps!  I will have GG reply on "how to catch and read a
Booby" after we have a new CinGG checked in.  The current version you are
using will most likely show the same booby and GG has generated a fix for
that one and for IgorB's issue #135 BUT we have to do more serious checking
before releasing it.

I am not sure we have a fix for the shuttle wheel "wheeling" around yet
though.  I can not get the freeze when using the ShuttleXpress and GG is
using the ShuttlePRO that seems faster.  gg/Phyllis
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