[Cin] Adding 'brightness/contrast' effect on track while playing can freeze Cin-GG?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 11:31:12 CET 2019

В сообщении от Friday 15 February 2019 13:21:15 Andrea paz написал(а):
> >I'll recompile with std. CFLAGS and retest.
> When I tried to compile with -Ofast I had problems with keyframes in
> Autos. With -O2 I had no more keyframes problems. I think
> optimizations lead to instability. However the file used is the one
> you can download from a previous message with attachment (cars.mp4). I
> used RGBA-8bit and X11-OpenGL.

Hm, I definitely have video output set to X11 (not OpenGL-X11).
Just freezed it again, this time by deleting YUV plugin from track while 

after I tried kill -HUP pid_of_cin I got this backtrace:

Cinelerra Infinity - built: Feb 15 2019 13:17:10
(c) 2006-2018 Heroine Virtual Ltd. by Adam Williams
(c) 2007-2018 cin5 derivative by W.P. Morrow aka goodguy
Cinelerra is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License,
and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under
certain conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for Cinelerra.

init plugin index: /usr/lib/cin/plugins
init lv2 index:
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-amp
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-fifths
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-metro
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-sampler
Loading sample /usr/lib/lv2/eg-sampler.lv2/click.wav
Freeing /usr/lib/lv2/eg-sampler.lv2/click.wav
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-scope#Mono
LOAD: http://lv2plug.in/plugins/eg-scope#Stereo
signal_entry: got SIGHUP my pid=10232 execution table size=0:
signal_entry: lock table size=42
    0xcc73980 VIconThread::draw_lock, VIconThread::run 0 0xef180b40
    0xd5f8980 RecordSetChannel::change_channel, (null) 0xe85ffb40
    0xd5f8f78 RecordCutAdsStatus::wait_lock, RecordCutAdsStatus::run 0xe7dffb40
    0xd7105e0 ChannelInfo::scan_lock, (null) 0xe75ffb40
    0xd7119c0 SWindow::swin_lock, (null) 0xe6dffb40
    0xc588010 MWindow::run_lock, MWindow::run 0xf7ee7740 *
    0xc5a0ed0 BC_Synchronous::next_command, BC_Synchronous::run 0xde9ffb40
    0xd7e14e8 MainIndexes::input_lock, MainIndexes::run 1 0xe55ffb40
    0xd712900 BC_Repeater::pause_lock, BC_Repeater::run 0xe65ffb40 0xf7ee7740
    0xd23b6df0 BC_Repeater::pause_lock, BC_Repeater::run 0xca50fb40 0xd6affb40
    0xd058fe90 BC_Repeater::pause_lock, BC_Repeater::run 0xc9d0fb40 0xf130fb40
    0xd5180f0 ResourceThread::draw_lock, ResourceThread::run 0xeadffb40
    0xd4706f18 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc311fb40
    0xd4706490 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc491fb40
    0xd4707f90 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc411fb40
    0xd1f96d50 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc391fb40
    0xd45f6e4 Cinelerra, AWindowAssets::drag_stop_event 0xf130fb40 *
    0xd45f6e4 Cinelerra, BC_WindowBase::dispatch_event 1 0xf7ee7740
    0xd4708250 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc511fb40
    0xd4706a90 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc291fb40
    0xd4707da8 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc211fb40
    0xd22ffc08 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc111fb40
    0xd4707510 LoadClient::input_lock, LoadClient::run 0xc191fb40
    0xd456750 PlaybackEngine::renderengine_lock, 
PlaybackEngine::interrupt_playback 0xebdffb40 *
    0xed0ffb48 RenderEngine::interrupt_lock, RenderEngine::interrupt_playback 
0xebdffb40 0xc7d0fb40
    0xd456750 PlaybackEngine::renderengine_lock, 
PlaybackEngine::interrupt_playback 0xf130fb40 0xebdffb40
    0xebf04e78 BC_Xfer::Slicer::init, Slicer::run 0xd62ffb40
    0xd45f6e4 Cinelerra, CTracking::update_tracker 2 0xc950fb40
    0xd45f6e4 Cinelerra, BC_Repeater::run 0xdc9ffb40
    0xe22005e8 BC_Repeater::repeat_lock, BC_Repeater::run 0xe19ffb40
    0xe3c01538 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xd7e66b0 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xd712c28 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xd1da010 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xd337510 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xebf15d68 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
    0xd518400 BC_WindowBase::event_condition, BC_WindowBase::get_event 
lock_items: 37
lock_frees: 5
SigHandler::signal_handler total files=0
Аварийный останов

I was hoping "--with-booby" switch to configure will help us, but sadly no 
additional info was printed this time ....

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