[Cin] Easy Way To Visualize An Audio Track

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:43:19 CET 2019


> I'm wondering if there is an easy way I can use an effect or similar
> function to display the waveform of an audio track in the compositor
> output (and final render).

The ffmpeg plugins that I "think" might get you what you want are all
commented out in {your cinelerra path}/bin/ffmpeg/
plugin.opts file.  When I uncomment these to test, they all come up with
"Input/output error" and am assuming that this is because the required data
is not available at the time needed.  I will have to ask GG to be sure
though or to see if there is a workaround using a pre-Opts file, and he is
unavailable right now.

If you want to test this yourself you can do so by modifying the
plugin.opts file in the cinelerra bin ffmpeg directory and uincommenting
and removing the #-s at the end of the line for ahistogram...showcqt... or
whatever.  Then delete Cinelerra_plugins in your $HOME/.bcast5 directory so
that the plugins are reloaded.  Start Cin from a window to see the messages
instead of an application icon.    gg/Phyllis

------------------  Error messages I get in Cin-GG
  err: Input/output error
  err: Operation not permitted
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
  err: Input/output error
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