[Cin] Ungrouping of video and audio clips after some edits

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed Jan 2 22:55:11 CET 2019

I can confirm that in PP the Trim feature (roll, shift, source, etc.) 
can also be applied to the group. It works like the Trim feature on 
individual clips, only that the associated other grouped clips are 
shortened or lengthened in the same way. By the way, in the Compositor 
window of PP, the clip in which the mouse pointer is located is 
displayed. Only one channel is displayed at a time, just like in normal 
Trim mode. I guess it's just applying the normal trim mode of one 
channel and synchronizing the shortened or extended frames to the other 

In fact, Cin doesn't lack much to be on par with the other big NLE's 
when it comes to working in the timeline. With these improvements Cin is 
absolute great and reaches in my opinion the tipping point to become 
really popular.

Am 02.01.19 um 22:15 schrieb Xing Tu:
> Yes, exactly. It was the only problem I stumbled upon when trying to
> do a basic project. If that gets implemented, then as far as basic
> editing goes, cin would be perfect. Actually, one more thing would be
> if "drag source only" would also apply to groups. In my opinion these
> features should be prioritized since cin is after all an NLE and these
> are key components in such a system.

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