[Cin] Cinx - 10-bit h264 and/or h265

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 03:34:53 CET 2019

Terje:  just some minor feedback.

Related to my topic and for simpler expressions search, I would suggest
> standardizing where possible, i.e "10-bit" everywhere an no "10bit" or "10
> bit". Should this possibly also affect the package name "Cinelerra10bit"
> accordingl
> I have locally corrected the manual to use 10-bit everywhere it makes
sense, except for when the meaning is actually talking about 10 bits.  I do
not think I will be able to get gg to change the name Cinelerra10bit
accordingly, but will try.

Also, you are right! the article you quoted at:

which has a edited date of November 2018 does state that now you do not
have to do anything special in x264 to use 8 or 10 bit.  If you "cd" to the
cinelerra /thirdparty/x264-snapshot-20180118-2245 directory and keyin
./x264 --h
you clearly see at the top "Output bit depth: 8/10".  Yeah! so I removed
the wording in the manual about compiling x264 with 10-bit option.

I will have to look at the following yet/too:

> Shouldn't ffmpeg according to the reference below, list 'yuv422p10le'
> among the supported pixel formats on my system?

Thanks for your welcome input, gg/Phyllis
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