[Cin] Screenshot

Terje J Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Wed Jan 9 11:33:11 CET 2019

Not stupid at all. If I understand you right, I use to open the wanted 
screenshot utility (in my case Gnome screenshot or Gimp) and enter i.e 
"Grab after a delay of" 10 seconds. Then I have time to open (and 
possibly point on)  the actual application menu (entry) before the image 
is automatic shot.

Terje J. H

Den 09.01.2019 10:56, skrev Andrea paz:
> A very stupid question.
> How do you make the screenshot of an open drop-down menu.
> This, to be clear:
> https://postimg.cc/gw3pPtKT
> I use Spectacle in KDE, but the pulldown window closes automatically
> if I try to make a stamp of the screen.

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