[Cin] Cinx - 10-bit h264 and/or h265

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 23:59:14 CET 2019


> It turns out be both my installation - and me ;)
Actually I do not think it is either one ;)  !

> Reading The Feature5 Manual (RTFM) better, I think section 1.1.6
> explains the situation:
> "That is because the Cinelerra ffmpeg is a known static build and is
> usually the latest stable/released version.
> In the current case of Leap 15, libx264 and libx265 are not built in and
> this can be debilitating;
Sometimes you can read in too much.  This is specifically ONLY for
unbundled builds.  Unbundled builds is meant for the purists in the O/S
distro world who want to include Cinelerra-gg in their distros but do not
want to include another copy of ffmpeg.  The warning is only for them to
make them aware that some of the latest stuff/codecs may not be available
for use in cinelerra BECAUSE they use a different version of ffmpeg.

Cin and CinX package builds on the cinelerra-gg.org website are built WITH
FFMPEG 4.1 and all of the third-party packages that are known to work.
However, you do not see them (as I erroneously suggested) in a directory
when you do a PACKAGE build as opposed to a TAR build.

> -----------
> I have the RPM binary packages installed for Leap15, which is unbundled
> builds which links dynamic to the system ffmpeg and libx264
> (Cinelerra10bit to libx265).
So the above is not true; if you used the package build, it is not the
unbundled build.

> Obviously the current installed system ffmpeg/libx264 (as already
> pointed out ) require higher versions to support optional 'yuv422p10le'
> (10-bit for Cin).
So GG just now was able to boot Leap 15 and has passed along to me how to
make sure you get the 8-bit and 10-bit capabilities with X264.  Here is how:
  (1) load a small video (do not need audio)
  (2) File-> Render
  (3) choose File Format - ffmpeg and mp4 and a name for the output file
  (4) click on the wrench icon on the right side of the word VIDEO
  (5) in the Pixels text box, scroll down to yuv420p10le (the 10 stands for
  (6) checkmark OK

Now if you go to the Resources window, right mouse button on the
highlighted media, you can choose Info and then Details to see it is pix
yuv420p10le and if you do the same on your 8-bit input media you will not
see 10le.
Or, knowing as how you really like mediainfo, just run that on your output
media and you will see things like:
profile = High 10 at L1.3 and Bit Depth = 10 bits .
You can do the same experiment with CINX.

Do NOT download the LEAP 10bit version unless you use h264 (it can't
> render 8bit h264).
> page 14 for Leap 42 and Leap 15 (at least on my current, open Feature5
> version):
> The 'zypper ar' .... commands should be updated from 'cincv' to 'cingg'
Thank you.  I changed all of the cincv to cingg in my local copy and fixed
any other 8bit/10bit errors.

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