[Cin] Multi Viewer / Multi Cameras - ExpertUsage - OpenMixers

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Jan 24 19:18:11 CET 2019


> ...and Roll (Elvis)
Ahahaha  :-)

> It has been very time-consuming and...
Really, take your time, please.

@Andrea paz
> Please put it in the forum in the Tutorial section.
I am not in the Forum, but if you want, you can put it in the forum. The 
video is copyleft, royalty free (and there is the credit for the music). ;-)

> Don't you want to put the 4 videos in Resources --> Media ( or
> Proxy) and then select them all together and open the multiview at
> once?
The "Open Mixers" option in Resources works only for Media folder, not 
for Proxy and Clips folders. And I have to use Proxy feature in the 
Viewer too, due to my HyperInterstellarWarpVelocity PC .
More, to synchronize the videos together you need trim/cut in the Viewer 
or in Timeline.
In the demo (from 0m54s to1m42s) you can see that the first three clips 
are trimmed in the Viewer with only the InPoint, because the OutPoint is 
setted automatically (great feature also this). The last, fourth 
clip(from 1m44s to2m06s),is trimmed on the timeline with "Ctrl+Alt+," 
shortcut (from cursor position to the beginning of the clip).

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