[Cin] Cinelerra-GG new monthly builds ready for download

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 22:29:38 CET 2019

The new monthly Cin-GG builds are ready for download.  Visit the website
and while you are there, check out some changed pages as Sam keeps things
fresh:    cinelerra-gg.org

The shuttle connections have been tested most on Fedora, a little on Mint
18, and barely on Ubuntu 16 and Leap 15.  Do not hesitate to contact us if
problems as we could not test all distros and you might want to wait for
feedback from Pierre who will be doing real use testing before  ordering a
shuttle.  Features5.pdf includes section 40.29 on usage and initial setup.
Only a 1 time setup per Operating System should be required for non-root

> As root, just copy a file that provides the necessary permissions to use
> the shuttle. A sample copy would be:
>     # cp {cindat_path}/doc/99-ShuttlePRO.rules
> /etc/udev/rules.d/99-ShuttlePRO.rules
> then the next time after you reboot, the permissions should be correct.

Copy of this month's release notes follow.  gg/Phyllis
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 01/01/2019-01/31/2019
for builds

1.  The O/S for all of the distros that are used in creating the monthly
builds have been updated.
     This takes an intense 2 days of work for a little over 20 distros and
usually gets done quarterly.
2.  x264 and x265 libraries have been updated to the latest version at the
time.  And it has been
     recently brought to our attention that if using x264, you can do
10-bit as well as 8-bit with the
     standard monthly builds (thanks to Terje notification).  For
rendering, the opts video file for x264-
    10bit.mp4 has been added to facilitate usage.
3.  Cin now supports the ShuttlePROv2 and ShuttleXpress devices and can be
user modified.
4.  Drag Handle usage has been reworked.  Besides Ripple, Roll, & Slip,
there is now Slide and Edge.
5. Usability Improvements
    Add double edge insert and overwrite with highlight.
    “Fast” drag mode now allows for moving the effects, labels, keyframes,
and autos along with the
        clips and honors the Settings pulldown checked items.
    Reset buttons have been added to 23 more plugins: Brightness/Contrast,
Gamma, Hue Saturation,
        ReframeRT, Sharpen, Polar, Wave, Whirl, Blur, Radial Blur, Linear
Blur, and Zoom Blur, Oil
        painting, Unsharp, Rumbler, YUV, YUV411, YUVShift, Swap Channels,
        RGBShift, Translate, and Swap Frames.  Contribution from another
    You can now dump the last 32 un-do’s in the undo stack on your terminal
window if start cin there.
    Because cut and paste behavior was new last month, there has been some
minor changes and
       additions to fine-tune specific areas.
    Groups can now be single source dragged.

6. Bugs/Issues Fixed

Thanks this month to all of the users who took time to report bugs in
MantisBT.  It takes your time to do that but everyone benefits.

    The Dump Assets in File pulldown was crashing but is now fixed.
    Delete_edits optimize was causing a crash in drag and drop mode.
    Code cleanup to combine 2 separate color header files.
    Updated CineRmt which provides a remote control for using cinelerra on
broadcast TV.
    A bug in ReframeRT with the settings has been fixed.
    Fixed bug in Rotate plugin of an issue when you move the draw pivot out
of the canvas on bottom.
    Rework paste edits to accommodate new capabilities.
    Removed “code for lost auto” put in February 26, 2018.
    Changed build scripts to not allow an mjpeg v4l, non-version 2, build.
    Fixed Tip of the Day to rotate through the tips instead of always
showing the same one.
    Create separate groups instead of adding to an existing group.
    Expanders.txt has had an additional time plugin added.
    Batch Render has been fixed to report the filename when it gets an
error (was null).
    Render Farm had an additional field (now 6) added awhile back that
caused the batch render
       columns to be incorrectly recorded because it only had 5 columns.
This has been fixed.  Users
       who change from batch render to render farm MAY BE IMPACTED but the
workaround is to
       delete the $HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc file.
    DVB channels/tv fix ups as prompted by work of MatN.
    Removed build requirement of ESD sound driver.
    Batch render segv on boot defaults fixed.
    Blue Banana plugin bug fixed where a draw was happening inside
destructor code.
    A potential hang when freeing locks has been corrected.
    Mjpegtools has been modified because there was a typo.
    The default ffmpeg audio and video icons were corrected with Sam’s logo
(a mistake here).
    Shortcuts.html accessible from Cin has been updated.  Differences.pdf
was updated on the Server.
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