[Cin] Buttons for Mask tool window

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jul 13 14:37:52 CEST 2019

Mainly for GG (... but also for the others)

I added a file compressed and an animated GIF (photomontage with the 
buttons) to show the layout or an idea of layout.

In the compressed file You find:
1) the "6" buttons for Mask Linear and Smooth, for each theme. They are 
always the first version I have done with the blue line in smooth 
buttons (due at my time).
Sorry Olaf, I did not find your SVG files in Cakewalk theme to derivate 
the new buttons from your original buttons, but the buttons I have done 
have the right colour.

For the SUV theme You find the "3" buttons for the Scale features. Why 
are there six PNGs instead of five?

And, as first version and testing, You find the Presets (7 btns) and 
Positions (2 btns) buttons for only SUV theme.
I hope that these buttons work like Mask Linear/Smooth buttons: every 
button use 4 icons, with three common icons ("mask_button_dn.png", 
"mask_button_hi.png", "mask_button_up.png").
If You (GG) think different, let me know, please.
Sorry Sam, I have changed again a few of them. After some test with SUV 
theme we (all) can decide, I think.

@GG and @Olaf
More, I noticed two things about Neophyte and Cakewalk themes:
A) Neophyte theme >> neophyte.C
- code line 361 ("reset_dn.png") inverted with line 362 ("reset_hi.png")
It should be:
/* ****************** */
/* ****************** */
The PNGs files in theme_neophyte/data/PNGs are right but they are an old 
You can find the new PNGs files for reset button, in the compressed 
file, with the others mask buttons.
(If/When Olaf wants he can update with one of his version)

B) Cakewalk theme >> cakewalk.C
- code line 272 ("reset_dn.png") inverted with line 273 ("reset_hi.png")
I think, the codes should be (for consistency with the others 
codes/themes) like in point A, and in theme_cakewalk/data/ the two PNGs 
files have to be renamed: you have to swap the two names "reset_dn.png" 
with "reset_hi.png".

Thank you so much!
I go to drink something. (too many buttons) ;-)

(Cin version: "cinelerra-5.1-ub16-x86_64-static_20190711-testing")
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