[Cin] Cin-GG & Tor

matheu matheu at danwin1210.me
Sat Jul 13 20:36:00 CEST 2019


I also read your previous email.

> Hi Matheu,
> I have new insights into the problems of Tor networks and CleanTalk.
> In fact, the Tor exit nodes are being blocked by CleanTalk because many
> spammers abuse Tor for their spam purposes. The amount of spam from the
> Tor network must have been so large that CleanTalk generally blocks Tor.
> There are also brute force attacks registered, but these are far less
> significant than spam attacks. CleanTalk also recommends not releasing
> these exit nodes, as this will drastically increase spam traffic.
> Here are some of the spam & brute force statistics:
> https://cleantalk.org/blacklists/
> https://cleantalk.org/blacklists/

Yup! As you say below, people are using Tor for bad purposes. There is
no doubt about that... But I still believe CleanTalk must be doing it
wrong, as it allows too few nodes... I tried many times (in the span of
many days, non-intenisevely, scattered in time) to access
cinelerra-gg.org and too few exit nodes they allow, too few nodes!

> The use of other means would also lead to the same result, because after
> a few attacks from the Tor network, the IP address would automatically
> be blocked for a few hours/days. As a result, other honest Tor users
> would not be able to access the website.

Not sure it would be so. Most of the browsing with Tor can be done just
fine. I've been unable to access, say reddit.com (or whatever the Reddit
address is, or any of the plethora of Debian sites, or DuckDuckgo.com,
or startpage.com, and so many other sites, many of them also WordPress
and even small DIY servers...

> It's a shame that such a great project would be misused for such
> inglorious purposes.
> I'm going to have to take a closer look at the Tor concept, because I'm
> still a little under-acquainted with it.
> Sam

That definitely will take a little time. I hope you manage to do it. Not
at all an easy go, the depths of Tor... (And neither is true,
professional, advanced use of Cinelerra :) )


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