[Cin] July monthly builds available now

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 23:11:29 CEST 2019

The July 31 builds are now available.  I am happy to report that MantisBT
issue #2 for masking is finally DONE! If you have any problems with it,
please just open a new ticket.  It looks like the probability of ever
finishing 277 issues is zero.

Debian 10 package is now available since it was officially released July
7th (did not get Olivier's recommended build fixes in yet though).
MantisBT issue #237 is still being worked on Compositor background color /
canvas color.
Release notes included below as well as at:

Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 07/01/2019-07/31/2019
for builds

*Special Thanks* this month (of course, the usual thanks to all involved!):
    Andrea/Andrey are converting the manual to Latex and the long Plugins
chapter is now complete.
    Pierre has updated the French wikipedia for Cinelerra-GG at:
    IgorB has created all of the numerous Masking icon pngs/svgs for each
of the themes.
    Sam has updated and improved the website even more – pretty much doing
this on an ongoing basis.
    MatN has researched/tested the potential viability of using flatpak or
appimage packages for
        distributing Cinelerra-GG to other Linux or Windows distros.  See
BT #261 for details.

1. Prof2, a *Profiler* that shows where a program is using up time has been
checked into GIT.  It can be
    used to determine if Cinelerra or other programs are using too much cpu
in any routine.
2. *Upgraded ffmpeg* from 4.1 to 4.1.4.
3. *Masking improvements* are now complete and temporarily documented at:
    There are now 6 more buttons in the Mask Points section for Point,
Curve, or All of Linear or
        Smooth to automatically smooth or un-smooth parts of the mask which
saves some tedious work.
    Cloning and Preset Shapes are now available.  You can Load, Save, or
Delete Preset shapes such as a
       Circle, Oval, Square, or Triangle and Save/Load/Delete your own on
any video track.
    Center and Normalize buttons have been added to “center” a mask and
“normalize” the size based on
       the scale of the video track.
    The Enable buttons can now be used to enable/disable particular masks
so that they are not subject to
       any All or Gang functions.  This is in effect for Feather, Fade,
Translate, Scale, and Rotate.
    Masking rotate and scale, because they used the wheel, were not
included in the keyframe generation
       but now that has been fixed.
    Updated shortcuts.html to include mask editing key equivalences from
the Help information.
    Addition of X/Y scaling in 1 direction so that now you have scaling in
both directions (default)
       simultaneously as well as just scaling in the X direction or the Y
direction.  This also applies tp
       Translate so that you can move a small distance in one direction
without impacting the other.
    Now when you enable only Boundary you can see the boundaries of all
present masks at that point
      without having to put a gradient behind it to see.
    You can move a mask precisely through use of the textbox in Mask Point
section or the tumblers.
4. *Usability Improvements*
    An additional Settings→Preferences, Interface tab of “Timeline Rectify
Audio” provides a choice to
       use this format to have the waveform cut on the zero line, making it
easier to note silent areas.
    Spanning Keyframes now has its own toggle so that selections will no
longer automatically change.
    An alternative shortcut for Ctrl-m drag/drop editing is the Backspace
    Added Compositor background color choice via Settings→Preferences,
Appearance (in work still).
5. *Bugs/Issues Fixed*
    An OpenGL fix for make_shader segment count is now in.  Thanks to
reports from DeJay/Andrea.
    A mod has been made to the colorpicker that affects the Title,
Gradient, and Sketcher plugins to
       hopefully avoid strange hesitancy behavior.
    Fixed tooltip for “Use HW Device” in Settings, the Performance tab.
    Increased data box size for modes in the Descratch plugin.
    Switched to using the default theme text color instead of white for
Show Overlays, Hard Edges icon.
    FFmpeg filters, loudnorm and dynanorm, had invalid setup so were
removed from usage.
    In the Viewer, the audio waveform disappeared when playing but this is
now fixed.
    Fixed outer color setup for yuv in the gradient plugin
    In the Sketcher plugin, a fix was added for last_xy update in the
sketcher grab_event.
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