[Cin] Cinelerra for Leap 15.0 vs Leap 15.1 ?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 03:25:22 CEST 2019


> The current Cinelerra Leap15 common repo contains packages for both
> leap15.0 and leap15.1

> I wonder if Leap15.1 automatically select the correct Cin 15.1 packages
> during upgrade, and is there any way to query to get confirmed that this
> Cin package version is really installed?

I am pretty sure it correctly selected 15.1 because this has all been
worked out by the Operating System developers; probably either will work.
A definitive way would be to check the SHA sum but that is a lot of work.
Easiest way may be just to start up Cinelerra, use the Settings pulldown,
pick the Preferences option, click on the About tab, and in the bottom left
hand corner above the OK button, check the "built: May 31 2019 timestamp"
and use that timestamp to see which one is the closest to the time of 15.0
at around 17:47 or 15.1 at around 22:34.  The builds do not get done in any
order except the partition order on our disk build system here.  Leap 15.1
was newly installed so is on a later partition and thus built at a later
timestamp.  Let me know if this works!  Phyllis
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