[Cin] Playback Slows Down Immensly Durring Transitions

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Mar 9 11:03:41 CET 2019

I have done a "stupid" Project (total time= 1 minute) to make a few of 
tests. So if we have a common base it can be more useful, I think.
My goal was for rendering time but it may be useful also for your test.
In my "stupid" project there are transitions, autos, and what You and I 
use in editing video (or at least I hope). So you can say me:
- "in transition dissolve how many fps have you?"
- "try to disable Color3way effect and test again, please"...

Link to compressed file at
(datafilehost.com have any problem)


I wrote this also in MantisBt #137 
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