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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 15:19:05 CET 2019

Andrea: thank you very much for sending the results as running Valgrind is
time-consuming and requires a lot of patience!

The impressive results as shown below is out of over 6 GB used only
600,000+ bytes - that is *only 1/100 of 1%* (a little over half a MB for
over 6 GB!)* lost on a quitting Cinelerra-gg.*
  in use at exit: 694,680 bytes in 6,052 blocks
  total heap usage: 1,063,358 allocs, 1,057,306 frees, 6,180,470,729 bytes

GG has glanced at it already and will take a closer look as there are some
"Conditional jumps" that he may be able to get rid of.  Also, some memory
leaks in ffmpeg that he has to look into:

==1322== 40 (32 direct, 8 indirect) bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost
in loss record 88 of 404
==1322==    by 0x7134A0: init (af_aformat.c:101)
==1322==    by 0x18757DF: avfilter_init_str (avfilter.c:1018)

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 3:20 AM Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>

> I did a "valgrind" using IgorBeg's "stupid test" and trying to
> activate the 4 preview submenus. I hope it's useful.
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