[Cin] New pkgs and tars for this month's release are ready

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed May 1 04:09:08 CEST 2019

Latest builds are now available at:


Description of GPU usage and the new Tracer plugin are temporarily at:


Cin will NOT START without the system libva-dev (or libva) AND libvdpau-dev
(or libvdpau) libraries installed.  You will see an error message at
startup like the following if missing:

    error while loading shared libraries: libva.so.1 cannot ...

Release notes are at:
https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/download/releasenotes.pdf  or as shown in text
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 04/01/2019-04/30/2019
for builds

*VIP* -  if you have an error starting Cin, look at the error message in
the window from where you started Cin.  It might look something like this:
 error while loading shared libraries: libva.so.1 cannot  …
You will have to install your Operating System’s libva-dev and libvdpau-dev
(or libva and libvdpau).

*VIP* - if when using OpenGL, you encounter a crash occurring in the OpenGL
(Nvidia?) code, you will have to use a workaround and set the environment
variable:  CIN_FINISH=0  until a better fix is made.  For more details,
please refer to MantisBT issue #201 on the cinelerra-gg.org website.

1. *Updated libvpx* from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0.   *Upgraded LV2* library from
version 14 to lv2-1.16.0.
2. *New native Tracer plugin* added for still images, but works with
keyframes if moves.  This plugin
     makes it easy to outline, that is “Trace”, an object with only a few
points, kind of like a mask.  There
     is a pdf file with the description of usage.
3.  *Potential decode speedup with GPU* usage for some computers/some
formats via vaapi and vdpau
     with the use of an environment variable CIN_HW_DEV=vdpau(or vaapi).
Computers with Nvidia,
     Nouveau, Amdgpu drivers use vdpau and computers with Broadcom, Intel
HD graphics, Radeon
     and other graphics device drivers use vaapi.  Please see the pdf file
for details.
4.  *15 native plugins have been enhanced* by a user contributor to include
a “Clear” button for
     individual sliders making it easy to reset just 1 instead of all.  In
addition a “Default” button for
     some of these plugins was added to revert to the plugin’s default
settings.  Plugins affected include:
     brightness, colorbalance, huesaturation, linearblur, polar,
radialblur, rgbshift, sharpen, shiftinterlace,
     unsharp, wave, whirl, yuv, yuvshift, and zoomblur.  Thank you very
much to the contributor.
5. *Usability Improvements*
    A yellow colored “outline” has been added to the Camera view in the
compositor in order to more
      easily view location.  Some minor code improvements have been maded.
    You can now nest and unnest multiple clips instead of just 1 at a time.
    Added shortcut shift-d to delete the first track; change "create DVD"
to alt-d instead.
    An Apply button has been added to the “Attach Effect” option menu so
that multiple plugins can be
      added without having to reopen the window for each plugin.
    FPS and Codec have been added in the comment field in the Resources
window for easy viewing.
    Enhanced ffmpeg error reporting to include file name that is causing a
    In the Proxy menu, when the user checks Scaler on or off, that setting
is retained for ease of use.
    For aesthetic purposes, changed the program code to draw a more
symmetrical pulldown arrow.
    The Alt+LMB in the Sketcher has been replaced with Alt+Ctrl+LMB due to
O/S grabbing first.
6. *Bugs/Issues fixed*
    Bug when you play a selection on the timeline and it stops, and when
you play again, you have to hit
      space bar twice has been fixed.
    Updated shortcuts.html file.
    Rework update_lv2 for jitter bug + override LV2_PATH in order to avoid
hangs for new usage
    An ffmpeg segv was occurring with PAL100/75 bars when not RGB; fix
added to only not crash.
    Shuttle driver (not USB_DIRECT) for the new Linux kernel 5.x was
broken, but now fixed.
    When using ffmpeg to render, a select file name to render to was not
working if there was not at least
       one period or one slash.  This has been corrected.
    A fix was added so that the camera and projector in the Compositor are
less jittery.
    A patch was added to ffmpeg code to avoid a SEGV when using YUV format
for certain plugins.
    Some non-standard characters, like /, that were not working right in
the Titler have been corrected.
    A booby was caught in the Title plugin and has been fixed.
    In masking, a double lock problem in the cwindow and tool window is
    Fader slider update for video is now correctly being updated just like
the audios in the patchbay.
    The histogram plugin “histogram plot” checkbox when unchecked was still
updating when
       Automatic is checked too.  This has now been turned off.
    Ran Valgrind and found some memory leaks that were repaired.
    Added the diamond icon for Bezier versus the default square icon for
Linear as used for some autos.
    A case for the Aging plugin was crashing on an edge case that was
incorrectly fielded.
    The Sketcher and CriKey plugins had a grab problem but now the boundary
test fixes this.
    Serious canvas height bug has been fixed – it was erroneously using “y”
as the height.
    Some code changes involving the leaker test were improved – this just
helps to find memory leaks.
    Build scripts have been modified to compensate for new GPU usage and to
include shuttle.
    Clips folder thumbnails were popping/playing when in the “no play” mode
has been fixed.
    CIN_FINISH variable added for OpenGL video driver (GL-ew) as a
workaround for segv.
    Two tweaks in Mixer reload to solve a rare case that caused a crash.
    Unset In/Out pointer on “replace current project”.
    Lots of miscellaneous code cleanup.
    Fix to stop render engine races;  Dialog joins fix.
    Proxy menu fix when scaler is enabled for the size to be correctly
    Removed the ffmpeg F_interlace plugin because it was problematic.  Use
F_tinterlace instead.
    Added Tracer info one line description.
    Fixed too small boxes on Sketcher and Motion51 plugins.
    In order to enable LV2 plugins for ubuntu14, had to add LANG=C99 to the
build script.
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