[Cin] Latest GIT checkin + ubuntu16 without-vaapi build

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 19:24:19 CEST 2019


> - Tested better the "cinelerra-5.1-ub16-without-vaapi-x86_64-static"
> (20190509) release but *when I exit from cin a segv message come out* (no
> dump is created):
> Cinelerra Infinity - built: May  9 2019 08:43:54
> ** segv at 0x7faf9a91d690 in pid 3683, tid 3683
> or ** segv at 0x7f5273775690 in pid 3567, tid 3567
> or ** segv at 0x7fce0db7a690 in pid 3866, tid 3866

GG booted ubuntu16 this morning where there was no vaapi installed, loaded
from the website in the testing directory, the tar file, untarred it,
loaded a file, made a cut, and then used "q" for Quit and "no" for do not
save.  He got no segv on the exit.  His only suggestion is that maybe there
is some kind of permission problem on exit (maybe in $HOME/.bcast5, or
/tmp)?  gg/Phyllis
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