[Cin] HEVC hw encoding on AMD Polaris cards

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed May 15 01:28:57 CEST 2019


@GG how can I use custom script for proxy files creation inside
> Cinelerra? Or use ffmpeg's scale_vaapi filter if vaapi used.
> Proxies can not be run easily by remote control or from a shell script.
GG does not understand why you would not just use the Settings->Proxy
Settings?   However, there is nothing special about the actual proxy files
-- you can just create the scaled down size with an ffmpeg command line and
give it the name which would have been generated by Cinelerra if you had
created them that way.  For example, test.mp4 would just be
test.proxy2-mp4.mpeg if you chose mpeg as the format file type (with mpeg
becoming the extension) at 1/2 scale (the 1/2 scale shows as the 2 in
"proxy2" of the new file name).  VERY IMPORTANT - you must use the ffmpeg
binary in Cinelerra's thirdparty directory.  Example using mp4:

./ffmpeg -i /root/media/tutorial.mp4 -s 720x540

Now when you load the tutorial.mp4 video, and then do Settings->Proxy
Settings, the proxy file is already created and will load.
We tried a couple of examples of using scale_vaapi  from the ffmpeg command
line and it always failed for us on a Intel laptop with Broadwell graphics
board.  For example, something like the following:

ffmpeg -hwaccel vaapi -hwaccel_output_format vaapi -i input.mp4 -vf
'scale_vaapi=1280:720'.. out.mp4

and another line from Cinelerra's thirdparty/ffmpeg directory
documentation.  We also tried using a .opts file

for the import.  For example, for test.mp4, we created a test.opts
file containing:


and that gave us more error messages.

Question gg has - can you give us a good working ffmpeg command line
using scale_vaapi (again you must
use the ffmpeg binary in Cinelerra's thirdparty directory) so we can

see it that works for us?  Also, why rescale using vaapi instead of
using a plugin?  Is it faster?
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