[Cin] LV2_blacklist.txt & Debian packaging improvements contributions

Olivier Humbert trebmuh at tuxfamily.org
Fri May 24 17:51:58 CEST 2019

Hi GG, Phylis, Sam and all

Now that things as settled around, and now that I'm good with the 
website French translation, I'm taking back the packaging of Cin-GG for 
my audio-linux debian-based distribution (and maybe later, a potential 
inclusion into Debian mainstream, but... one step after another).

I've been doing a build with the last cin_5.1.20190430 and it seems to 
be successful so far.

Doing that, I found a bunch of LV2 plugins which are avoided Cin to be 
launched and then, which needs to be added to the LV2_blacklist.txt file 
(after I did that locally, Cin is launching fine). Those following lines 
are the culprits:


Also, please, find attached an improved version for the 
./blds/debian/control file which contains those improvements/changes:
- I added a bit of description (then it looks better with the packages 
- I improved the Maintainer field (changed the name from "mailing list" 
to "Cinelerra-GG devs")
- I moved the Standard-version and the Homepage fields downer (standard 
good practice for Debian packaging)
- Build-depends :
-- 1 item per line (standard good practice for Debian packaging even if 
it doesn't change anything computer-side, it is easier to human-read)
-- alphabetically ordered (standard good practice for Debian packaging 
too, easier for human-reading)
-- removing of duplicates : libxft-dev, libxinerama-dev, and libxv-dev
-- adding libusb-1.0-0-dev (the compilation failed here without it)

I've got a few questions about the debian/control file which I'd like to 
have your dev's point of view here (I left those as-is for now waiting 
for your answers in case I'm missing something):
- Build-depends field:
-- why is inkscape needed for building ? It sounds like a mistake at a 
first glance.
-- why is e2fsprogs needed ? For information, it contains those binaries 
: https://packages.debian.org/stretch-backports/amd64/e2fsprogs/filelist
-- same for linux-firmware, why is that needed for building ? It doesn't 
even look to be in the Debian repository anymore
- The "Standards-Version" number is currently defined to "5.1.20190430". 
It is not supposed to be the program version number (which is defined in 
the debian/changelog file), but a number matching a Debian standard. If 
you're OK with that, I would set it up to 3.9.8 which is the standard 
for Debian Stretch (current stable - Debian 9) and which will work as 
well for the next stable (Buster - Debian 10).

I hope that helps.

Thanks for your continuous work on cin-gg !

PS: last but not least, I've send it to the mailing list as I did a few 
months ago back in the cin-cv times, but feel free to let me know if you 
would better like me to use the Mantis bug-tracker or any other way to 
contribute. I'm planning to send you other improvements/contributions on 
a next step.

Site web : https://librazik.tuxfamily.org/
Donation : https://liberapay.com/LibraZiK/
Diaspora : 
Mastodon : https://mastodon.xyz/@LibraZiK
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