[Cin] UPD: Re: Video background on CinGG website eats CPU ...

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 15:47:05 CET 2019

Well, I hope Sam will find this info useful (myself is not a dev for adding  this to webpage/locally):

"simple method to stop YouTube, Vimeo, and HTML5 videos from playing."

basically the same but without comments. sometimes comments useful .....

   * Stop an iframe or HTML5 <video> from playing
   * @param  {Element} element The element that contains the video
  var stopVideo = function ( element ) {
          var iframe = element.querySelector( 'iframe');
          var video = element.querySelector( 'video' );
          if ( iframe ) {
                  var iframeSrc = iframe.src;
                  iframe.src = iframeSrc;
          if ( video ) {


and further in comments


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 Luminicus  commented Sep 23, 2019   
Good idea, but how can I call the function on click to pause all iframe > videos on the page (without ID of every iframe) ?
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 cferdinandi  commented Sep 24, 2019   
@Luminicus This outta do it.
 * Stop all iframes or HTML5 <video>'s from playing
var stopVideos = function () {
        var videos = document.querySelectorAll('iframe, video');
        Array.prototype.forEach.call(videos, function (video) {
                if (video.tagName.toLowerCase() === 'video') {
                } else {
                        var src = video.src;
                        video.src = src;


but may be you already figured this out. I usually check git, not website itself :}

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Тема: Re: [Cin] Video background on CinGG website eats CPU ...
Дата: Пятница 01 ноября 2019
Отправитель: Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>
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В сообщении от Friday 01 November 2019 13:29:04 Andrea paz написал(а):
> Your information and tests are always interesting, thanks also for the
> link. I also noticed a great CPU usage watching the video of the site.
> In total, with "top", we are around 90%, of which 30-40% of GPUs that
> do not know what it means (I have enabled hardware acceleration in
> Firefox).

yes, I also have layers.acceleration.force-enabled enabled in Seamonkey, but this only accelerates in-browser compositing, IIRC

> But I have the same results watching the same video on Youtube:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzP2o2OJ90g
> And the same results from watching any video on Youtube.
> Does it turn out to you too?

Yeah, 200%+ of CPU according to top :}

Video in avc1 (h264), so may be Chrome (and/or Firefox on windows?) actually use 
hw acceleration for *decoding* it, so effect not very notieceable .... 



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