[Cin] mpegtsenc changes in latest ffmpeg (since 4.2)

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 05:50:28 CET 2019


avformat/mpegtsenc: fix incorrect PCR selection with multiple programs
avformat/mpegtsenc: factorize setting up services
avformat/mpegtsenc: remove section_write_packet forward declaration
avformat/mpegtsenc: use increasing numbers in default service names
avformat/mpegtsenc: fix PCR generation intervals
avformat/mpegtsenc: remove deprecated resend_headers option
avformat/mpegtsenc: rename pcr_period variable to pcr_period_ms
avformat/mpegtsenc: add support for setting PCR interval for VBR streams
avformat/mpegtsenc: move some code around and simplify a bit
avformat/mpegtsenc: get rid of packet counting for sdt/pat/pmt
avformat/mpegtsenc: fix flushing of audio packets
lavf/mpegtsenc: fix logic check error

so, as far as I understand  this area ..this mean mpegtsenc patch in CinGG can be simplified now ...
but sadly not by me, I still very much idiot when it comes to those complex areas


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