[Cin] Blu-ray encoding again

Good Guy good1.2guy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 17:59:16 CET 2019

the log messages for dev type are a bug, but it does not fail the render.
The function: AVHWDeviceType FFVideoStream::decode_hw_activate()
is using the translation for "none" to detect the intent not to use the hw.
        if( hw_dev && *hw_dev && strcmp(_("none"), hw_dev) ) {
Apparently your init is applying the english version, as it is in the log
The result of the hw probe is the same in both cases, and is not a fail.
*I will change this to check both with and without get_text() so that it*
*will not report if LANG is not applied.*

"Warning: Do not use the option x264opts, as it will eventually be removed.
Use x264-params instead."
*ok.  we will change that.*

f*or bluray_format, mpegts_m2ts_mode=1 *(changed to 2 by me) causes the
transport stream to set
the transport_priority flag if the packet is audio ac3, which is sort of a
kludge... but this is
necessary to get audio to reproduce on my home bluray player (samsung
ubd-k8500).  This was
discovered by checking the diff between the ffmpeg output (which fails on
player) and the "sintel"
iso file from blender site (which works on player).  The mode=2 triggers
mode=1 and add the
transport_priority flag for ac3 audio.  It definitely helps here at home.
Similarly, *sdt_period=-1*
turns off the service descriptor table output, since this is not a
broadcast stream.  I am not an
expert on mpegts and these changes work for me.  If you have better
information, let me know.

*for bluray.m2ts*, you have added
# vbv-maxrate=40000
# vbv-bufsize=30000
x264opts ... vbv-maxrate=40000:vbv-bufsize=30000

These are all good, except that bitrate is computed in bdcreate.C and set
in the codec parameters
for avcodec_open2 call (of open_encoder).  Recently we discovered that the
"bitrate" param does
not always work (change applied 20190922 git e620b69f).  If it is
specified, it seems to override
the codec params (at least in some cases) and the computed rate (that
prevents the disc from
overflowing) is lost.  If you are sure, I can add this, but I do not
recommend it.

Phyllis is going to try these changes, and if they work here at home, then
they are good.

Thanks for the good work.  Stay tuned.

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