[Cin] Po files for spanish translation

Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
Sun Nov 17 17:58:29 CET 2019

As you wish, I am here to help, in gratitude for the work you do with 
cinGG, about 100% of the videos I have on my YouTube channel are edited 
with cinelerra and others I made for events such as weddings, 
advertisements, promotions, etc. , also edited with cinelerra. What else 
can I ask for? Nothing, just try to collaborate with this project.


El 17/11/2019 a las 13:03, Phyllis Smith escribió:
> Sergio:
>     Oh! I didn't say it, but I recompile last cingg version with this
>     .po to test, my personal test, before send it.
> Good to know. I was not concerned about that but I always just like to 
> try it anyway.
>     Additionally... Translate the documentation, does it sound too
>     ambitious?
> It does sound like a lot of work and it would certainly be 
> worthwhile.  BUT I think we need to wait until it is fully converted 
> to LaTex (Andrea/Andrey are getting pretty close as far as I know).  
> And I have many additions to make for new features that have been 
> added recently that are currently undocumented, plus installing the 
> latex package on my laptop and learning how to use it.  If you 
> translate it now, it would be more work to fix it up later. However, 
> it is your choice.
> Andrea: what do you think?
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