[Cin] New builds ready on the cinelerra-gg.org website

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 22:15:30 CET 2019

New builds are available.  What is new is described in the release notes
Sergio is this month's Hero having translated the website and updated the
po files in Spanish.

Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  *Release Note*s for 11/01/2019-11/30/2019
for builds

*Website*: Sergio has provided Spanish translations for the website.  This
is very much appreciated.

1.  *Updated all Operating Systems on the local build machines* to be at
the latest patch set.  Debian 8
     and Fedora 28 have been retired due to end of life and Fedora 31 has
been added.  In addition
     Centos 8 which was just released in October has a 1 time build
available, but unless a Xen
     implementation becomes available, may not be regularly built.
2.  *Reworked Audio* in the area of import samples, resampling, and
playback speed sampling.  This
     was a week’s worth of effort as many problems were found in the
existing audio playback especially
     when playing backwards, when using the speed auto, and when large
buffers were used.  This
     rework fixed a lot of small problems and improved the program code for
correct audio playing but
     does not affect the rendered output.  Unless you use a magnifying
glass and have exceptional
     hearing, it is doubtful you will notice the difference, but please
report any problems.
3.  Some of the original author’s *7.2 modifications *have been looked into
to include the following:
        Added into Cinelerra-GG, the 3 new plugins – chorus, flanger,
        Reviewed Pulse Audio and after merging it in, ended up backing it
out because Alsa is much better
          and actually includes Pulse Audio with added improvements to
compensate for any deficiencies.
        Better synchronization between audio and Playback was already
achieved via #2 above of
          “reworked audio”.
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    *Spanish translation of the po files* was completed by Sergio with
quite a large number of new
        translations added.  This was a lot of work that is a benefit to
    The *prores opts files *have been updated and include a proxy version
for ease of use (Olaf work).
    *Reworked the canvas zoom*.  In the compositor, you can now use the
middle wheel for zooming
        and moving the video with ease.  Now scroll bars are available
whenever image is off the screen.
    *Transcode 1:1* is now available in the Settings pulldown which
provides a method to convert to a
        different format but most importantly gives the user the capability
to be able to seek within media
        that does not have good indexing (see BT 337 for a few more
     Added potentiometer for the “beep on done” in the proxy and render
menu so you can adjust the
        volume right from 0 for no beep to 100% for full beep.
     Bluray option file improvements and additions plus a bdcreate patch
(Andrew work/discoveries).
 4. *Bugs/Issues Fixed*:
    Fixed long-standing bug from original software where a specific setup
caused a SEGV (reported and
       chased down by Andrew). For details, refer to Mantis Bug Tracker
    Incorrect pix_fmt statements in ffmpeg opts files corrected to
pixel_format (Andrew noted).
    Fixes to Compositor Background Color include: play with OpenGL driver
retains color; flash when
      restart play in a couple of places is now gone for smoother viewing;
the boundary marker is now
      outside the media and does not overlay any portion of the media.
    Small build changes to accommodate Fedora version 31.
    Duplicate close bug in vdevicex11 has been corrected.
    LV2 enhanced gui’s were not viewable in last month’s builds due to
missing init but now fixed.
    Fixed hardware device type “none” causing problem as found by Andrew.
    Tweak to “remove assets” was done.
    Voluminous “buffer underflow” when using the default mpeg.mpeg proxy
setting has been fixed via
       a patch to the ffmpeg code (Olaf reported).
    Updated about 13 other ffmpeg option files to switch from x264opts to
x264-params to avoid
      potential future deletion of x264opts.
    Programmed some index rebuild fixes.
    Fixed audio big buffers bug for libzmpeg3.
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