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You can find the latest tar and packages at:

Text copy of the releasenotes.pdf is below.
*Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 09/01/2019-09/30/2019
for builds*

*Special Thanks to Sam* for an excellent introduction and description of
Cinelerra-GG/Infinity at:
It is worthwhile for users new to Video Editing software to refer to this
document to get started on using Cinelerra and to get a good general idea
of what to expect.  It is in German but easily translatable to other
languages via the Google translate program.

1.  An optional compiler option of –with-clang was added which allows
for *compiling
with clang* for
     about 90% of the source packages as an alternative to gcc.
2. The *libx265* thirdparty package has been updated to version 3.1.2 (Olaf
3. *System builds* have had a problem that was just pointed out to us with
some third-party packages
    such as libvpx, opus, etc.  Therefore the build procedures have had to
be worked differently so
    persons doing distro builds may be impacted to some degree (Solus
maintainer BT #303).
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    *Crop & Position plugin* is new and is added to the Geometry subset
(Anonymous contributor).
    On the timeline, there is now a separator line between tracks for
easier visibility (Ugin suggestion).
    In order to provide easy access to 20 of the most recent media or xml
files loaded instead of only 10,
        the File pulldown includes a new choice of “*Load recent*”.  This
means that the latest files will no
        longer show on the bottom of the menu which led to varying size and
a cluttery look (BT #176).
    Nested media in the Resources window Media folder now provides single
frame preview (BT #281).
    Crop Tool in the Compositor is being updated slowly as its existing
functionality was quite limited:
       “Do It” button wording changed to “Apply”.
       3 options are being worked of Reformat (the only original option),
Resize, and Shrink.
       Allowance for parameter values that are not multiples of 4 by
switching to GLx4 usage.
       Disallow negative tumbler values for the parameters.
       Both Resize and Shrink allow for disarming tracks to prevent the
crop from affecting them.
    The *Camera and Projector Tools *in the Compositor now have F11/Shift
F11 and F12/Shift F12
       hooked into the gui menu and with tooltips for easy access.
    The tool gui in the Compositor is now being automatically opened when
you click on Projector,
       Camera, Ruler, Crop, Eyedrop, and Mask.  This is more convenient
then having to click on the “?
       Show tool info” icon.  Currently you can still use the “?” icon to
dismiss the tool gui.
    For demonstration purposes, if you want to put a png file temporarily
in the Viewer on initial startup,
       you can add a vsplash.png file to the Cinelerra bin directory.  It
is cleared when media is loaded.
  5. Bugs/Issues fixed:
    Render menus now update top line information when you click on “Create
new file at each label”.
    Render warnings added:  “no audio or video in asset format” & “render
file per label and no labels”.
    Changed Build scripts to special build libdav1d for 32-bit systems
(Andrew patch).
    Updated copyright on Settings→Preferences, About screen (patch provided
by Andrew).
    Also on the About screen, the August Features of Note was not done but
is now (MatN notify).
    LV2 blacklist file updated to include 2 more lv2 plugins that fail
(Olivier found and let us know).
    SEGV occurred when could not read anything and then tried to create
vicon, now fixed.
    Vaapi graphics hardware acceleration fixed after upgrade to ffmpeg 4.2
changed how it worked (BT
       #304 by Capslock)    Info in Resources directory has been updated to
comment on 15 newer plugins.
    Removed unused and irrelevant timebomb code (Andrew suggestion).
    Info in the Resources window on a nested xml used to SEGV, but is now
fixed (Olaf mentioned).
    All of the timeline pulldowns, are a little better spaced between the
option and its shortcut (IgorB
    About 8 places in the Cinelerra code, produced error messages of “not
divisible by 4 is not
       supported” when using the OpenGL driver.  With the addition of GLx4,
these are no longer
       necessary (Andrea notify).
    The parameter in 30 video ffmpeg opts files was incorrectly written as
“bitrate” when it should have
       been simply “b” - this is now fixed (BT 305 by kex).
    Put cropp.png in correct location (IgorB notify).
    Fix tumbler text box that was using the wrong data type.
    Rework proxy scalar in order to fix 2 bugs; single images did not scale
correctly (BT 194 IgorB) and
      specifying a different file format did not take affect until
re-opened but now it does.
    Fix file probe for EXR library in the builds.
    Show Overlays menu required change for using the theme text color for
Mode, Pan, & Mask (Olaf).
    A fix to clear all Hard Edges to include the last Hard Edge on the end
of the file.
    The Tumbler next to the Font list, only tumbled 1 font in each
direction.   This is now fixed.
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