[Cin] 15, 500 modified lines checked into GIT to provide 1K and 4K monitor scaling ...

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 02:41:48 CEST 2019

A very, very, very large number of lines - about 15,500 insertions and
deletions - was checked into GIT for Cinelerra-GG in order to provide
scaling for your 4K monitors or any monitor where you would like the text
and icons to be just a little bigger or a lot bigger.

If you just bring up Cinelerra with this latest code, you may see a little
bit of a difference because now the code probes your monitor; finds the
biggest monitor if more than 1; and adjusts the scale as if it was on an
1080p monitor.  You can override this, however.

Now to get the bigger text/fonts before you start the application from a
window, you should keyin:
        BC_SCALE=2.0 {your cinelerra path}/bin/cin
We found that on a 4K monitor, a BC_SCALE of 2.0 is quite nice.  On a 1K
monitor, a BC_SCALE=1.2 looks pretty good.  Eventually a Preference may be
added but you can always put the BC_SCALE in your login .profile file.

TESTING is needed and very much appreciated, although we have gone through
a lot to test here on a desktop with a 4K monitor, a 1K monitor, and a
laptop (even tried using BC_SCALE=.5 ! which was hilarious!).  There is a
Ubuntu16 build & a Mint18 build and would love to do more static tar builds
to get more distros tested (just ask).


HOW TO TEST - you do not need to do anything specific to test as a user -
just "use" it and pass along any alignment you think looks wrong.  Hoping
*Pierre* and *IgorB* have time to do this.
WHAT TO TEST - there should be no operational impact of this mod, unless we
made a mistake.  You should only see bigger windows, text, and icons and
more spacing between them.  Hoping *Olaf *will let us know if Cakewalk has
any issues.
PLUGINS - these are the most likely to have any issues and could
potentially have a "real" error.  This is because I (Phyllis) worked on
them with GG overseeing my work and fixing my errors.  Hoping *Andrea* has
some spare time to check a few of the plugins. Be aware that LV2 plugin
displays will not be scaled up as they are outside Cinelerra.  FFmpeg and
Ladspa plugins had no mods made to them but the resize window is available
and the text is scaled.
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