[Cin] 15, 500 modified lines checked into GIT to provide 1K and 4K monitor scaling ...

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 14:55:10 CEST 2019

Great job. In my opinion it was the biggest lack of CinGG, because
those who approached it with a 4k monitor, ran away immediately,
without giving a second chance. GG/Phyllis, thank you very much for
this huge job (15 000 lines of code!).
My tests are not very indicative because I still have the 15.6' 1080p
laptop. However, with BC_SCALE=1.2 I have not found the slightest
defect. The windows remain tidy, readable and without overlaps. For me
the scaling is perfect. I have examined most of the plugins without
problems, including many UI of the Calf plugins. In some plugins,
especially Ladspa, there is an abundance of empty space on the right
or bottom. See the images:
But they're not a problem at all for me. Also because I do not
remember if they have always been so.

With BC_SCALE=2 I get an inadmissible screen. See:
So I didn't do many tests: in Blue Banana the right edge is slightly cut:
But I think it's because my monitor can't hold all the window and it
cuts it. However, the order and lack of overlap indicate that the
scaling works perfectly.
An idea, in order not to force users to use the command line, could be
to insert the scaling choice in a drop-down menu in "Settings -->
Preferences". Is this possible?
Again, my compliments and thanks.

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