[Cin] To be able to register to forum, cookie domains to allow?

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Mon Sep 2 13:21:27 CEST 2019

Thank you for further information about the problem.  I think I now know 
what the problem is. Two domains have to be filled in. Besides the 
"https" it does not need, it is also new to me. However, I always enter 
two domains.

Once the cinelerra-gg.org and the www.cinelerra-gg.org.

Then also the cookies work and the login in the forum works, as soon as 
I delete one of the two it refuses me the login.

Please enter the domains as follows.


If you have time, please let me know if this fixes the problem.


On 02.09.19 12:44, Miroslav Rovis wrote:
> On 190828-21:56+0200, Sam wrote:
>> On 28.08.19 21:27, Miroslav Rovis wrote:
>>> But give me time. More hours to get some work going...
>> All right, take as much time as you need.
> And in another email you wrote:
>> If it's not too much trouble for you, please try https and www.
> Here's why it can't even be set to accept https, in the (I think still latest) Pale Moon (28.6.1, the bug-fix version). Pls. have a look at the 38 sec video (550k, likely will be let through):
> Screen_190902_0953_gdO.webm
> I think it's the cookie domain to set is not to do with the protocol; why they set it (same in Firefox or other browsers) as http://<that-domain> is not clear to me.
> So I can't even try to set https://www.cinelerra-gg.org. Correct me if I'm wrong or miss something.
> I also I think the IP that reset the connection on the first register attempt of mine was the Word Press.

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