[Cin] Latex and Manual

Андрей Спицын spitsyn.andrey at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:30:18 CEST 2019

Hi Igor,
Please export them as a vector PDF images.
Latex can handle pdf with ease.
It's also decrease whole file size.

ср, 25 сент. 2019 г., 15:56 Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org>:

> Hi!
> @Phyllis and @Andea_paz
> About Pipeline images for the manual I have done that, if you want.
> Two PNGs added. They are made with Inkscape and esported to PNG @300dpi
> (dot per inch) for printing.
> If someone has already drawn them, feel free to put my PNGs in the trash.
> =)
> Thanks
> IgorBeg
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