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Wed Apr 1 00:03:27 CEST 2020

At the usual place, are tars and pkgs.  We specifically tested the package
install on Mint 19.3 with no obvious problems but there is a limit of what
we can do.  Arch and Tumbleweed were updated yesterday.


Next month we will no longer provide Centos 7 and if Ubuntu 20 comes out on
April 23, then will add that instead of Ubuntu 19 static tar.
If no objections, we are going to take the Shape Wipe video transitions and
switch them from png to jpg because they make the tars/pkgs files bigger
thus slowing down the downloads.  Then we can add back some of the ones we
eliminated to save on size.  We think the saving out weighs the quality of

A text copy of the release notes is below.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 03/01/2020-03/31/2020
for builds

Thanks to *Olaf and Andrea* - Improvements to formatting for making the
Manual easier to read and more professional looking were done by Olaf.
Creating new images of better quality and consistency  were done by
Andrea.  Plus corrections and some clarifications were added by them and

Thanks to *Andrew* – Providing patches, alerting us of new versions
available, and much early testing.

1. *OpenExr* has been upgraded from 2.2.1 to 2.4.1 (Andrew notification and
2. *OpenCV* upgrade for more recent distros from 3.4.1 to 4.2. Older O/S
still at 3.4.1 +(Andrew patch).
3. A major *change to ID based references for plugins *to resolve a code
flaw in copying was made.
4. *Usability Improvements*:
    To make it easy for moving to the *next/previous auto *like fade or
speed, added Alt-a/Ctrl-a
       shortcuts and in keeping with keyframes, Alt-Shift-A and
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-A (Deim31 noted).
    Slider bars have been added to the *Projector and Camera *compositor
menus for ease of use along
       with tumblers to change the range.  All inter-related components are
updated accordingly such as
       the zoom bar ranges and the auto xyz lines (Dan feature request).
    Another minor change to the *shortcut for “Delete last track” *from the
lower case letter “d” to Ctrl-
       Shift-D and finally to just Ctrl-d to make it less dangerous but at
the same time still not too hard to
       get to (IgorB suggestion for refinement).
    Several *new ShapeWipe transitions* created by Rafa + others available
to load locally.
    The tips file and po file for *Spanish* were improved once again by
    *Videoscope* changes (there will be a couple of more changes next
        Added capability via an icon on the Compositor and Viewer windows
to easily start up the scope
           (BT #71 of Andrea and more recent Dan email).  Changes include
the following:
        Replaced menu buttons with a “Scopes” pulldown which is easier to
        Added a “Smooth” button for the purpose of aesthetics for not
showing black line missing data.
        Scope values show up without having to play first when enabled or
when the window is resized.
        Slider bars with reset button to modify the value for the Waveform
and Vectorscope displays.
        Additional choice for the waveform of “Waveform ply” added.
        Note that it may run better with X11 as the video driver instead of
    *Mixer window* changes:
        - added a “Tile mixers” option easily accessible in the window
which was previously only
          available in the Window→Mixers pulldown.
       - “Zoom” has been hooked up (Dan email report).
       - there is now a “Playable” option for each window to save cpu usage
time (Dan request).
     *Zoom... *in the Compositor, Viewer, and Mixer windows has been
renamed to Resize Window.
     The compositor button bar has had “Generate Keyframes...” and
“Keyframe Spanning” buttons
        removed to make room for the Videoscope button.
     Patches for render options have been worked by Andrew to include:
        EXR - choices of B44, B44A, DWAA, DWAB
        PNG - now has added choices in the render video wrench to include
Compression level 0-9 and
                   Depth of either 8 or 16 bits.
        TIFF - new choices of LZW, LZWMA, Deflate.  Tiff now allows for
future webp use.
     New plugin “boxblur” to blur horizontal, vertical, and with power.
Very fast; based on ffmpeg’s.
5. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
  Format /muxer render new button was fixed as it was not retaining
settings correctly.
  Fix for deadlock in Compositor when double click on the indicator bar and
trying to drag after that +
     another deadlock fixed when using [ and ] and labels  (Andrew noted
and worked to reproduce).
  Vaapi software fallback fix added so that when non-supported models, like
66, are not supported, the
    software will automatically be in use instead (Jacek BT #383).
  A few tweaks for BSD builds, bld_prepare script added libtool,
shortcuts.html and plugin.opts.
  Reverted h264_nvenc and h265_nvenc vaapi render options file back to
medium as high was illegal.
  A problem with keyfame paste track tabbing when trying to go to previous
keyframe has been fixed.
  Transition “Length” popup close session hang is now corrected.
  Created image2 for ffmpeg streams when rendering such as in the case of
webp (Rafa reported).
  Fixed moving edits with plugins to retain status on/off status (Dan
  Transitions losing their setups when Generate keyframes while tweaking is
set is fixed (Rafa found).
  Bug in Shape Wipe jumping when going from Black to White has been fixed
(Rafa analyzed).
  *OpenEDL problem of saving within a layer so that is propagated up if
quit in non-zero layer* (Dan).
  Fixed bug in scale.C – autoaspect instead of audioaspect (Andrew found).
  Mixer zoom refactoring and cleanup done.
  DVD creation was limited to 100 sections but now goes up to 1000.
  Home/End keys in some cases had to be hit twice to perform that function
while playing – now fixed.
  Crash when loading Exr sequence after files are deleted now gives a
warning (Andrew found).
  Aspect ratio in Compositor was fixed when do a split screen view (IgorBeg
  Bad clamps were fixed in the plugins, Color3way and Videoscope.
  *Improvement to bluray script added (Sandhill Crane BT#398*).  More
recommendations provided but
     not yet analyzed and tested.
  Build script tweaks for cross platform - a couple of days worth of
testing all of the builds to prevent     surprises (reflects a lot of
Andrew’s work/testing).  Includes lv2 fixes from Andrew.
  Added blur_box as a template (in conjunction with need for Videoscpe) as
it will be useful elsewhere.
  Fix for cursor over button bar in the Compositor accidentally playing
when Click to Play enabled.
  Segv problem fixed for load server bug that has been in a long time and
hard to believe not noticed.
  On the scope window, calculate size of media and how many cpus exist to
determine how many
     threads to use; i.e. “load client throttle”.
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